Movie Review-Satanic Panic

Blogging is not easy, no matter what people tell you. You are subjected to a lot of different things and some are easier to get thru then others. Whether it be a cd, a movie or even a book no one wants to go into something to hate it, or even dislike it. We want to go into something to be a fan to love something. Films like Satanic Panic make this virtually impossible to write positively about it. I know a lot goes into making any form of entertainment and no one wants to hear that their work is bad. There is no way one person involved with this film watched it afterward and was happy with it, or even ready to go on record and say they could recommend people to watch it. This is another one of those indie gems that is supposedly based on true events off a real situation that did happen. Though, as the film started off it feels that they had no issue trying to kill that true story theory within seconds. They did not even try to make the events seem realistic; they took it more of a reason to create this fucking joke. Now, if they retaliate and tell me it is truly based on true life victims, I feel bad for the victims or their families who have to watch this and see what this film portrays them as.

This is based off a realistic craze that took place in the late 70’s and went thru the 80’s, when ten year old twins Toby and Cindy are abducted by satanic cult members. The story will have us believe that Cindy gets away and Toby was never found. Now 25 years later, a group of friends (why is it always a group of friends this stuff happens to) go on this bonding canoe trip and find themselves in some shit with the same satanic cult. I vaguely remember the Satanic Panic fear, but I just wish that a film would have come along that took this more serious. They have this scene that we witness a sacrifice of a child on a makeshift altar that really is utterly ridiculous. This film feels disjointed that the director lost his focus and was not sure what he was shooting for. At times it seems like it is a documentary style film from yesteryear and then he makes it a modern day slasher in the backwoods. This film tries to be everything to everyone, but fails to be anything to me. The acting in this film is rough to sit thru, it felt like an open mic night at the soup kitchen. This film for its subject matter felt so safe, like the director knew his budget restraints and did not want to give fans more of what they like these films for, but want to give them more of that huge and very diverse cast that to tell the truth, I would have loved this film to give us less attempts at acting and more attempts at horror.

With indie horror, you have to be more creative than this film. I have seen films made for less than 30.00 that blew my mind and I thought were very incredible and thought provoking. So, to blame any kind of budget or time restraints is not a valid argument. You have to eventually question your own talent and what you can create. Maybe horror is not your calling, the team has some good directing chops and the camera work while at times seemed choppy was ok to an extent. I am trying to think of a positive.

2 out of 10