Movie Review-Painted Skin: The Resurrection

This is getting to be that time of the year again, when people celebrate some kind of holiday. And the labels know it, and the movies are going to come out at a fast pace to get your holiday spending money. In between, all those major films are little small films that you may not know about, but may want to seek out nonetheless. I am just not so sure if Painted Skin: The Resurrection is that title for some of you. This film seems to follow the formula of the Well Go USA to release a lot of foreign films that will spark interest from fans worldwide to look and seek out. This film is based off of ancient lore as it is told to us that if a human being freely offers themselves to a demon, that the demon can become mortal and go thru all the trials and tribulations of being alive. The main characters in this tale are first off, Xiaowei she is an old spirit who is freed from a frozen hell and transform into a seductress who consumes people as she is trying to be full human. The second one is Princess Jing who hides behind a mask, and flees her kingdom by looking for the only man she loved, a guard who was unable to help her many moons ago.

I thought this film was beautifully shot, and was a well told story. It seems like a tale of how we may think the grass is greener on the other side sort of story. As one of the women wants love and the other wants to be human and both desire the other and what they seem to have somewhat. When the two agree to help each other is when the film started to lose me a little and I noticed some of the plot holes. Before I get to that, the film has decent enough action to keep your attention, and some funny moments. The negatives, it had so much stuff that contradicts itself and they all involved the Fox Demon which some of her actions were contradictory to what the story would have us believe. The film goes from really cool and fun, to boring with a huge romance that seemed so out of place and dragged this film down.

As a whole, I liked the majority of the film and could almost recommend 60 percent of this film as fun. The 40 percent of this film was very hard to sit thru and at times frustrated me to death that this film could turn so fast and not try to turn back. I do not mind romantic films, I have reviewed my share but the romance in this film seemed just so fake and done to just fill time more than entertaining.

6 out of 10