Movie Review-Outpost: Black Sun

The direct to dvd sequel to the direct to dvd original Outpost is an interesting film. While I will admit that I was a fan of the first despite its low budget, I loved the premise and thought Ray Stevenson was really great in the film. Well, Ray is gone and in his place is a cast of new faces and the main one is a Nazi hunter named Lena who is played by Catherine Steadman. The film opens with Lena, trying to find Klausener who is one of the very last of the escaped Nazi’s from WWII. Well, she becomes a part of something bigger when she gets involved with some other Americans who are in search of a machine that Klausener built that makes soldiers invincible so they keep on fighting. When the machine was first used during the 2nd World War it created a race of undead and invincible Nazi soldiers. Like the first Outpost this one was filmed on a very small budget, but like the first one they managed to make the most of that small budget. If you are not familiar with the first Outpost, this one is fairly easy to keep up with, and is clearly not a sequel but more of a furthering of the story.

This film seems to serve only one purpose and that is trying to entertain the audience that checks it out. While there is nothing new or original to this film, it was still a very fun time. I love the character of Lena and what she stands for, and she truly really stood out. This film seems to come across as more of a first person shooter video game at times, and I loved that. Does the movie have plot holes, sure it does but you know this is horror and direct to dvd, so you already expect this. Compared to most low budget films that come across my player, this was a welcome relief. The zombies or invincible soldiers, you decide, were given to us in pretty good doses, and they gave us just enough gore and blood to keep us occupied with whatever shortcomings the plot hit us with. I know the 3rd installment is already being lensed, and I will say this I like how this one set up the 3rd. My negatives with this film well beside the plot holes, that at times I tried to look over, but this film at times seemed to go into so many directions. When the machine does come into play, it was ridiculous that the film was built around it, and that it was so anti-climactic. When you see it being used it made the film look cheaper than it is. I loved this indie philosophy that Jaws was right, if you give the crowd less of the enemy and just build their suspense and tension they will be hooked, and this film tried to use that philosophy and at times it worked, but others I just wish they would not have even tried.

In the end, I liked it enough to recommend a rental or maybe a buy, but the ending while it left me hoping for the 3rd one, I feel that maybe two is enough.

7 out of 10