Movie Review- Objectified

Director Gary Hustwit latest documentary is about the relationship of an object that is manufactured and the person who designed it. Now, the average person like say me, is not a designer, but seems to be interested in how some things got the shape they have or how they came into creation. Now, if designing and the endless thought pattern of how things are invented and exist do not interest you, this may not be the film for you. This documentary paints a picture that even though most of may not realize it, we are all involved in creating some designs and images. Hustwit is the man who was behind Helvetica and Urbanized documentaries that may not appeal to the average person, but for people who are interested in Hustwit and his constantly questioning of design; this is more of the same. This film is engaging but I am not sure how engaging it would be for some. This film is deep, and the depth of thinking and some of the talking in this film may bore some who are not interested. Do you care how industrial design is going all over the world and is shaping our future and everyday life? While I did not particularly care for his storytelling in the past with his look at typography in Helvetica and the Urban future and our planning for it in Urbanized, this one was a little easier to get thru. This round with Hustwit he seemed to pack personality and entertainment and made me want to know more, while in the past it felt he was trying his best to go over my head and try to throw confusion unto me, this time it felt like he was talking right to me. While again, this topic may not be for everyone, it was fascinating and kept my attention.

The film is only 75 minutes and interviews a lot of designers, many of which work on a global level and most of the talks are subtitled. While each subject has very valid viewpoints, it seemed that most of them were sharing the same point of view and it came across at times as not as informative as it tried to be. They did go into details about the making of things that we all use daily, like hygiene products. The blu ray does boast a cool special feature if you are into this sort of thing, you get more interviews and a hour of footage that was not shown in the actual documentary. Again, not really sure who is the crowd to show this to, if you have designers in your family this may be a good present.

7 out of 10