Movie Review-Marvel Knights: Astonishing X-Men Unstoppable

When I was a kid, I was a huge comic book fan. Now, comic book films like Batman, Spiderman and X-Men among others, I do like a lot. My wife is a big comic fan, and always has been. When I get films like this, it is geared more towards my wife watching and doing the review then me. Would it be shocking to tell people, the only video game I am a fan of is the Arcade version of Galaga? So, in the last year I been forced to read a comic book which I did not seem to mind, because it opened a new door for the channel, a novel which I did not seem to mind, because Robert Rhine is a huge fan of the channel as well, but now I am watching a cartoon superhero film and loving it. I know right now with Avengers being so huge for Joss and also the comic book crowd, that people forget that in 2004 Joss launched the Astonishing X-men with art by John Cassaday. Now, I should also warn you guys this is what the 4th chapter in this series and I have yet to see the other three so bear with me if I come across in this review as clueless as to certain storylines, but make no mistake about it, I want to see the other three now. (Hint mister, who is getting this review link. Big hint) The story revolves this time around the X-Men going to protect earth from its demise from the hands of an enemy called Breakworld. When the battle is all said and done, nothing and I mean nothing will ever be the same again.

Can I be completely honest, if I was not a fan of Whedon and his take on the Avengers, I would never have wanted to see this film. Whedon has shown he is a die-hard nerd, and knows how to tell a passionate story that fans are drawn to and will invest their time in. If you are into the comic books which clearly and admitting I am not, but my wife is this seems like a wet dream for you guys. The X Men find themselves battling against science, prejudice and evil in a way that most of us I assume can relate to. The thing I always got out of the X Men and their films is that they embrace being different or strange in a way that they have their own beauty. (Though Last Stand sucked ass) They seemed throughout this film as they are destined to destroy the Breakworld, and the picture and quality looked sharp and the sound was perfect. Now, I have to be honest I have seen a few of these in my times, as my wife made me watch Hulk vs. dvd and the Batman ones, and I enjoyed those a lot, but I really can put this one in the top of the class (bad pun) as a really fun and entertaining one that is on par with both of those. Like the bulk of what I seen, it runs a little over an hour and I wish it was longer.

It is marked on the cheap which is always good, I think it runs like 11.99 on release day Tuesday, so if you have any superhero fans in the family and they are wetting their chops for Batman coming out and just bought the Spiderman film, this would be a good little hold over. Though, the set is also coming out on blu ray and that looks like the true deal for the fan in your house and will tell the complete four stories in this series, but I thought this for what it was, was really a fun little cartoon. If I do a review of Doctor Who or anything with Chris Hardwick next, you may want to check me into an asylum, I am truly losing it.

8 out of 10