Movie Review-In Their Skin

In Their Skin (formerly titled Replicas) is the story of Mark and Mary Hughes. On the surface you would assume they have the perfect life, Mark is an attorney and Mary is in real estate, along with their son and family pet they seem like the perfect family. As the film starts to get going, we learn that Mark and Mary also had a daughter who died several years earlier, and that death neither of them seem to be able to get over. Well, they go to a cottage in the middle of nowhere to get away from life and just relax. All seems to be going fine, till they meet their supposed neighbors down the road Bobby and Jane. Right from the start of them meeting, you just sense that something is not right with Bobby and Jane. They also have a son, and when Mark invites them over for dinner is when the night changes for all involved. It seems that Mark and Mary have the life that Bobby and Jane want to have and they intend on taking it from Mark and Mary, and basically taking over their lives.

This film I wanted to like it more than I did, it tried but the problem was that the actors involved just did not convince me, or really sell me on this film or the premise. This film has its moments, and it has a lot of tension, but the first thirty minutes of this film and the last thirty minutes of this film are bad. Selma Blair does not have the acting range or likability for us to care about her well-being or safety, and the same can be said about Joshua Close who plays her husband Mark. They feel so out of place in this film that you almost watch this film just to see how bad it does get. The middle act of this film that 30 minutes was not so bad and created tension, and really had me guessing what can happen, not saying that I cared about what was going to happen, but I wanted to see if this film could change and get better once something did happen.

Rachel Miner plays Jane, and I am a huge fan of Rachel but even she seems lackluster in this film as a woman who comes across as happy one minute, confused the next and obsessed the next. The dialogue also in this film was so questionable, how many of us let total strangers in our house, and then when the conversation turns to awkward subjects that no one would ever ask a stranger in their own house, how many would still let them stick around and drink and eat with us? The first half hour was basically so dialogue driven, that it felt that they were just coming up with lines on the fly and going with them. What happens when the family is kidnapped is typical home invasion stuff, nothing different or recommendable. That was the real problem with this film is that it felt no one really tried, they just went with the flow and if the flow meant to talk in circles for twenty minutes without making a point or some interesting conversation so be it.

I would say skip this, unless it comes on late night television and you are bored and there is nothing else to watch. Selma Blair is a great actress when she is in her element, this is clearly not her element.

2 out of 10