Movie Review-Feed

If you think you have seen it all and have not seen Feed, you clearly have not seen it all. An Australian cop Phillip Jackson pursues Michael who tortures females by force-feeding them to death. As you can guess he captures on a live feed these obese women and shows his subscribers to his internet site what he is up to. We learn that the cop also has his own demons he is dealing with, in a twisted tale that comes across in almost a way that feels like Seven with a morbid twist. This feels like a game of cat and mouse, and you are guessing which one is truly the cat and who is the mouse? I will say this, if you love shock value and films that live to make you turn your head or see if you will flinch, this is the film. This film is full of twists and turns and is just disgusting. Where I think most people would get offended on the message it sends, I think the film while vulgar and disgusting, addresses obesity in a way that is both harsh yet humorous. Unlike a film like Shallow Hal, that had no soul and felt that if it did not insult overweight people why not insult the people who are shallow about overweight people, this film gives us something different it creates a situation that leads to more situations that really raise the bar for what a film can shoot for in terms of originality and just utter disgust.

While this film may not be for everyone, or even anyone, it was for me. I thought as a thriller it was effective and kept me on the edge of my seat and each scene created more twists and turns that kept me involved and interested. Films like this make me wonder what people do behind closed doors in their homes. Better yet, films like this make me worry more who could think of this stuff? It was originally released in 2005, under the Danger After Dark label. I mean, who else would have had the balls and hole to put this film out? A label that has films like Suicide Club and Gutterballs would be my first choice. I think it is safe to call this a cult classic like most of the titles on Danger After Dark. I think with Obesity being such a huge problem in America right now, this film may convey the wrong message to some, but seriously it is film, we all will get a different meaning off of the material. I think it is high time for film making to go into these avenues to give us something unique and different, and really push the bounds. I know contemporary horror fans will bitch and unless it has major names and a number at the end, or is just like the other films that come out that they loved or were told by others they loved, that films like this will go ignored, and that is sad.

If you have not experienced Feed and love the disgusting, you need to witness it. It is unrated and really does go hardcore for the shock and gross, it wants to make you sick and it is so vile in its message and delivers such a hateful good time. I really loved this film and think that fans looking for something different will as well. Just do not eat during the film or before it, trust me after it you will not be hungry. Danger After Dark has hit so many home runs with their films, that I think they just basically own the field.

9 out of 10