Movie Review-Dropping Evil

For an indie label, 2012 I have to admit was a strong year for Wild Eye Releasing. They really put out some films in the past few months that the entire internet really was buzzing about. That speech is usually the prelude to something negative, but this time not so much so, it is more of a WTF did they just put out. Dropping Evil I am not sure if this can be labeled a film, a series of drug trips or maybe this film is an experiment. To start this review I am not sure if I know who to speak to about this film, I think a normal horror watcher may not get this film, yet this film is too weird even for an art house movie fan. This film basically starts off with Mike driving on this dirt road rapidly then he hits the brake and kisses a tree head first. Then, the film goes back 36 hours earlier to see what led to this. To give a basic plot to this film may take away from what this film offered, because it seemed to go thru so many different stories at once, from scientific experiments, to bullying, to Christian beliefs, to Tiffany Shepis somehow or another getting a chance to do a topless scene and so much more. So the film I will assume from what I just watched focuses on 4 people Mike, his girlfriend Samantha, the overly Christian Nancy ( who is a guy by the way) and a girl with a camera inside her eyeball to observe the behavior of Nancy on this road trip they take named Becky. Well, when the others cannot get Nancy to calm down with his religious views they drug him by putting something in his drink. Well, the drug makes Nancy violent and goes on a killing spree to get the other 3.

The whole time this happens a corporation led by Mr. H is watching thru the camera in Becky’s eyeball to see what goes down. This film is color; it goes black and white and shot thru so many different kinds of cameras. At one point, it feels like it was shot thru a surveillance camera. As far as entertaining, this was a film that leaves the audience with a lot to try and figure out, and they never give you any clues as to what is going on or any real background so you are left clueless, but with a film like this, if it was more drawn out or explained I felt it would have lost its charm. The film takes a little bit to start to sink in, but it has enough humor and oddness that you may find it amusing while utterly confusing. Now, to their credit they offer in the bonus features a few sequels to this, each running around 17 to 19 minutes and they were just as confusing and odd as this was.

A film like this has hatchability almost by default, because you know the ending will make you question everything you just watched and you have to see if you missed something. Now if you are a fan of Tiffany Shepis and expecting she is going to be dominating film time, you will be wrong. She is maybe in 7 minutes of this film, and does not really have much in terms of a speaking part but she does give the film some of its sexuality. There are a few kills in this film and they are just as odd as this film.

Make no mistake about it, this film is odd and may go over the heads of a lot of people who are thinking that this is going to be just a contemporary horror film. If you like movies that challenge you and are not so easy to figure out, oh this film will be your Gone with the Wind. All in all, this film was different and it kept my interest and had me questioning every scene and character and was anything but contemporary. Wild Eye keeps on showing the fans and us bloggers that they are putting together quite the library.

7.5 out of 10