Movie Review-Dead Inside

Plot-Teen years can be hell. Meet Sarah, as the film starts off we learn that she is mentally disturbed. When an old friend talks to her one day, they decide to have a party at Sarah’s parents’ house while they are out. Sarah, starts seeing visions almost like premonitions of each of the people at the party dying and how they die. As the night goes on one by one the party guests start to die and turn against each other.

Review-To describe this film is easy, it is Carrie for the Grudge era with a nod to Final Destination. This film seems very inspired in its feel and mood, but it has enough touches of originality here and there that at some times throughout it is a cut above some of the most recent horror offerings, but as a whole it needed more of those touches. Sarah is that outcast young lady, you just can look at her or hear her talk, and know she does not fit in. As the film plays on, you wonder what she really does understand and why she would even have friends. When the first death happens which was an accident, the group decide to make Sarah the scapegoat and let her take the fall because she has mental issues and would not be arrested. The dialogue and acting in this film were good; the characters all played their parts well. My issue was that the first half hour seemed to build a story, but the pace was really slow and some of the time it felt way too dialogue heavy, which I would have loved that they would have built up Sarah’s backstory more instead of just thrusting everyone together and expecting us to follow and invest in it.

Now with that being said around the half hour mark when the first death happens, and then people start to realize what is going on is when the film really picked up the pace, and the next hour was really strong. It had some fun kill scenes, not overly bloody or gore, but more realistic. To see how the film unfolds and the ending while very predictable was not too bad. That being said, I did not like that the film decided that they had to spell it out for us, not once but twice.

To be honest, in a way this felt like two different films to me. One part felt like it wanted to be a serious drama that was geared towards teenagers and the other part felt like it wanted to be a horror film that would give nods to the new and old school in its approach and kills. I understand the building of suspense and characters, but this film did not offer the building of any characters, it just seemed like the first half was just people making conversations and putting importance on things that should have been more broken down for us. As a whole, I love enough of this film to give it a C, but I really wanted to give it more, I just wish they would have either trimmed the fat or made the film longer and explained it more and made it more meaningful.

7 out of 10