Movie Review-Bloodstained Memoirs

When you read this review and know you have to own this dvd, it is available at Amazon.

Bloodstained Memories is a wrestling dvd that is part Beyond the Mat and part 60 minutes. Al Snow hosts this almost 2 hour behind the scenes documentary talking to 9 different stars of wrestling. The beginning of the film Al Snow informs us that this was shot in 2005, and he also gives us a brief history into each person they are about to interview. The shoot starts off with ex WCW cruiserweight champion Ultimo Dragon, and the interviewer shows us him at his wrestling school training kids and young adults to wrestle. Dean Ayass conducts all the interviews and he does not go too personal into dirt sheet rumors and gossip, but tries to cover the questions that maybe wishy washy fans or at one time wrestling fans would want to know that do not keep up with wrestling on a fan level. So, Dragon goes over the differences between WCW and WWE, and talks about his arm injury and how he wrestles thru the pain, and also praises other wrestlers, not too much bashing. Then our next segment is an interview with Hot Rod himself, Roddy Piper.

Now, I will go on record to say I was never a Piper fan or found him any kind of entertaining, but this interview he comes across subdued, and does dish some dirt on Mr. T and talks about the Bret Hart match that he put Bret over. This was probably some of Roddy’s best talking in a long time. Now keep in mind, when they show wrestling footage well it is actually old stock footage from TNA, or any other federation but the WWE or any library they may own. Next up was Christian Cage, this was shot when he had his run with TNA, and this was such a letdown for me. I am a huge Christian fan, and this interview was very boring to me. It was like the same old Christian interview you hear all over the YouTube channel. Then, we went to Jimmy Snuka next, keep in mind not all interviews go the same length of time, some average ten minutes, some less and some more. The Snuka one was ok to a point, again it was stuff we have heard answered before. Until, it got to the ending and he talked about the Piper Coconut incident, and to look at his face talking about it and his thoughts on Piper, may get wrestling fans talking. Then, we went to the woman formerly known as Molly Holly Nora Greenwald. I will say the Hemme bonus features interview is a million times better than this. She comes across in interviews like she thinks she is above everyone else because of her beliefs. I have nothing at all against any religious beliefs, but when they are shoved down our throats and have to be constantly brought up, it does get annoying. Molly, I get it, you love Jesus and you are so devoted, ok so what else do you have to share with us?

Every topic they talked to, seemed to harp back on religion and no offense as a fan of a wrestling interview dvd I did not want a religious sermon or an ongoing chat about Jesus. Next up was Chris Jericho, and this focused more on the musician, they used Fozzy live footage and concentrated more on music, then actual wrestling which I am guessing Jericho said, “ listen I do not mind doing this with you, but I have a band to promote”. Then, was the Great Muta, I was a fan of NWA and WCW, and when I first saw Muta in the early 90’s, he was to me the best wrestler on this planet. This interview with Muta, was really different because he spoke broken English in a way that they had to use subtitles because it was hard to understand him without them. That being said, this was my first time hearing him speak and like Sabu, when I finally got to hear him speak, the man comes across like a million dollars, well Sabu does when he is not fucked up. Muta talks about WCW and history, and it really was a treat. Now, comes the selling point Rob Van Dam was next, they interview him at a convention and to see his react with fans is really fun. Rob talks about the Cena match at One Night Stand and ECW, and goes into detail about what the deal with WWE was and why he feels he did not get pushed or was held down. Rob delivers, and he has his laid back fun doing it as well. The final interview was with Mick Foley, which shock was not a interview. The last ten minutes of the dvd we go to a Borders book signing of one of Mick’s books where he talks to the people in line, and is nothing short of fun and a class act.

This dvd as a whole was a lot of fun, while I am still a fan of the shoot interviews a little more that get personal, and dish dirt, this was still a fun almost like Beyond the Mat sort of feel, without a lot of the reality based stuff like Foley’s family watching him bleed or get his face bashed in. If you take the format from 60 minutes and add it to a wrestling talk show, this is what it would come across as. To the credit of the people behind this film, no two interviews were the same nor were any questions. They really knew their wrestling, and did not come across as trying to be one of the boys or smarter than, it respected the business and the guys in it. All in all, if you are a wrestling fan this is better than 70 percent of the wrestling product on the market this month. All in all, this was a good little watch.

8.5 out of 10