Movie Review-Bad Bush

Viva Bianca stars as Ophelia; she has a newborn baby and is going to see her sister in a remote farmhouse in the middle of the Australian wilderness. When she gets to the farmhouse, you just feel that something is wrong. Ophelia gives her sister Maggie some money to go buy formula for her baby and her cell phone in case she needs to reach her, and while Maggie is gone, Ophelia is left alone with Weaver, Maggie’s lover. At first, everything seems fine until Weaver tells Ophelia about this weed he is planting and they decide to smoke a joint together. Ophelia starts to learn things about her sister and her lover, like they are growing weed for a local biker gang, and that there are more issues that come to light while she is alone with Weaver. Well, it just so happens a big storm is coming and Maggie is still not home with the formula, and now things start getting more and more weird with Weaver. This turns into a cat and mouse game between the two and Ophelia is in fear of both her and her newborn baby lives. This is also said to be based upon true events.

This film is a slow starter, and it takes around a half hour to really get going but when this film gets going it really becomes a very tense and unpredictable ride. If you have the patience to deal with the first thirty minutes, this film hits you after with so many twists and turns that you will find yourself trying to figure out if this is all a dream, a drug trip or really happening. This is what this film does best, it creates a reality that makes you guess what is truly happening and when the big twist is going to come and what twist will it be. This film has a twist to it, and it is one that I did not expect that made the film that much better, because it manipulated me throughout to really think about what I was watching and witness to. This film had to be made long before Viva got her break on Spartacus, because I do not see Viva ever making a film like this today. Her portrayal of Ophelia, I feel was the glue that held this film together, she made you feel her pain and believe of what was going on.

One of my gripes with this film beside the slow pace in the first thirty minutes, is the ending sort of makes this film a one time and done deal. I would feel now that you know how it all will play out; you would not want to revisit the film again. And another negative, which is sort of a spoil maybe, why leave so many loose ends in the finale. The film hits you with a punch, but then it just ends. While leaving certain things in limbo, and making the viewer assume how things could be. All things considered, it was a fun little watch and really gives you some suspense and great tense moments that will make you glued to the screen, to see how it will all unfold.

7.5 out of 10