Movie Review-Acedia

Last February, I discovered a film called Purification. It was directed by this guy I never heard of named Joseph Ciminera. I remember watching this film and just shocked that he could take a premise that has been so done to death and really put an original spin on it. I was not alone, as a lot of others have praised this man and his film and even deemed him as the future of this genre. And, that was only off one film. Well, as we head to the end of the year he has graced us with his follow up, Acedia. I have to say after watching this film, I am on that bandwagon and saying Joseph is the future of this genre. Again, he takes another premise that is done to death and does not so much put an original twist on it, but he really makes demonic possession scary again. In the last decade or more, demonic possession films have come up at such a rapid rate and 90 percent of them miss the mark badly. Instead of trying to be scary, they try to be overly acted and so much CGI that you are more bored then frightened. Well, Joseph instead of going down the route so traveled, he went down a route that hardly ever gets traveled, and that is simplistic and just frightening.

Acedia is basically about a little girl who is possessed by demons. Her dad calls some priests and monks, to try and do an exorcism. Well, while they are trying to cure the girl, the priests and monks start to uncover their own demons. As you can guess the demons are part of the many dark secrets that haunt this place, there is also talk of a magic box that is made out of the wood of Noah’s Ark. The magic box is a tool of the devil to grant anyone a wish, but also it is used to take away the same wish if he wants to. What makes this film so effective is when we see how the devil starts to provoke people and also how he uses their weaknesses to tempt them and make them weak. The Devil in this film uses illusions and manipulation as a scare tactic, and it works. This film was very smart and effective, when the exorcism is about to begin, as you can guess things do not go as planned, and to this film’s credit, it gave us something unique instead of the same old overwritten and bad effects bs.

From the well written script, to the characters that were very effective in their roles, this is one hell of a film. This is a film that is meant to scare us, and it is effective in doing that. This film shows that Purification was no fluke, that there is some serious talent on display for horror fans, and also suspense fans, hell movie fans in general. This film reminds me of what Alfred Hitchcock would put out today if he was still alive and making movies. If you think demonic possession films are passé or played out, you will want to seek this film out, this film will give you a reason to turn the lights on when you sleep. If The Exorcist and The Ring had a love child, it would be this film. This film puts the fear back in possession films. This is a must see.

9 out of 10

  • Helen blodown

    This movie was very good, original. i liked it. loved the location

  • Deanne Cole

    What??? I couldn’t even finish watching this movie. And I am huge lover of independent films – I don’t need everything explained and spelled out for me. This film had an amateur feel, the acting was awful, the camera motions too jumpy, and the story just did not keep me interested.

  • JamesD

    The Library is his next film, from what he told me when we talked he is going into production and looking for a release date sometime in early 2013. I know we will have a review when it is ready..thanks for the question Darla. Also, if you guys have not liked Purification-The Movie on facebook, click a like and if you email them they always respond and love to hear from you guys. Great people.

  • I seen Purification in the movies and it was very well done for an Indie. I am looking forward to seeing Acedia. I have to agree with this review, we need some new talent making horror and I hope this guy Joe Ciminera will keep me watching for years. What did the guy above say about the Library, is this another new film? Please reply

  • Had pleasure of being in his two films also the NEW ONE THE LIBRARY

  • Hi,
    Trailer looks very creepy. I will order the purification tonight and look forward to seeing this Acedia. I too admit that the horror industry became stall maybe this director Joe Ciminera can spruce it up a bit