Movie Review-6 Degrees of Hell

I remember a few months ago reading all these sites praising this film called Corey Feldman’s 6 Degrees of Hell. Well, then came the initial reviews and since that day have been taken down that told us all this film is such a great comeback vehicle for him. I will say right now, Corey Feldman to have a career that has went this long should really be thankful, he plays the same character with the same acting rage iin film after film and comes across like a pompous dick that is trying so hard to fit in and look hip, instead of trying to gravitate towards more adult roles he is stuck as this lost in time character that absolutely either makes you want to shut the television off or try to find a positive to the experience. I was so stoked going into this film, those glaring reviews that told me a while back that this film is amazing and a must see. Also, this is a comeback for someone I have always crushed on, and that is Jill Whelan. As a kid she was my Farrah, I loved her in Airplane and playing Stubing’s daughter on the Love Boat. Hell when she played an attorney on Divorce Court I was glued to the television. And this film shows that while she is still a hottie and can act; why in the hell did she choose to work on this film with this cast? This film felt like the last Feldman film I reviewed that I was so happy about called Séance. This film is about 6 people who are caught up in some kind of supernatural storm, yes you read that right. And out of this storm, an evil lays claim to one of them while on a quest to tear apart the soul of this whole town. Feldman in his acting best(sarcasm) plays a paranormal investigator, and while he is top billed and on the cover he is what 20 minutes or less in this film. And to throw a premise that most of you know well, they throw a “ TV” ghost hunter in this as well.

This film tries to use Corey’s name to lure you fans in, which let’s be honest, the sales of Lost Boys sequels should help you with that marketing plan a lot. I never seen a film turnaround in my life so fast, it seemed like one week Lost Boys-The Tribe or whatever was 15.99 on dvd and a month later, it was already in the Wal Mart cut out bin for 5.00, so if you are trying to lure some talent in to mislead fans why not choose Gerard Butler? Hell, I think Hulk Hogan could have sold that role better than Corey, brother. This film basically Corey is a non-factor, but the main star is the TV ghost hunter who seems to have his own drama to deal with as well as this. This film drags for about the first 65 minutes, yes I said 65 and most of it was so incoherent and muddled and jump back and forth from plot lines to characters, that was so confusing. You are watching one thing happen, then all of a sudden placed into the middle of a different story. If the ending sequence did not have any horror to it, I would tell you that this may be the worst film I ever seen. The saving grace to this film is that it got going around the 65 minute mark, if you can hold your attention that long this film gets a little bit going for it and surprising finished well enough for what you had to go thru to get there. Also included in this mess is Nikki Bell, who I thought could do no worse than The Bucks County Massacre, but this is a resume builder for bigger things or a chance to hook up with the other star, the less talented one from Licensed to Drive and Dream a Little Dream who knows.

This film for the most part is so skip-able and boring, sad because this was the big comeback vehicle for Jill Whelan, who I will go on record and say we need more films with her in them. And Nikki weren’t you just on Ugly Betty? And this is how you follow that up with? Corey Feldman I hope that the paycheck you cashed for this lasts you a long time and goes to you going back to acting school and learning to adopt to being 40 and learning that yesterday is the only thing people care about you about, that you have not made anything worthwhile in well over 2 decades.

The Film 2 out of 10-that is so beyond charity
Jill Whelan 10 out of 10..

On a personal note, those sites that posted those glaring reviews for this film, you cannot be legit horror fans or sites. There is just no way possible, any horror fan can like this film or even find anything worth giving it above a F