Metal Review: Dehumanized – Controlled Elite (2012)

Dehumanized - Controlled Elite (2012)New York death metal veterans Dehumanized are back at us with their latest effort Controlled Elite. The history of Dehumanized dates back to the mid 90’s, but most people do not have them on their radar because their last full-length release was 1998’s Prophecies Foretold, which was also their debut full-length release.

Controlled Elite is a semi-technical foray into the depths of hell with thrash infused riffs and vocal bellows from Satan himself. The songs are evil and the musicians are adept at bringing that evil to life. If you need to liken them to someone, I would say that they have the feel of an early Suffocation, but they hold their own pretty well.

From track to track, Controlled Elite hits you with riff after riff and intense blast beats all while the vocals are bashing you into the ground. Check out Dehumanized’s Controlled Elite and see what you think. While not my favorite death metal release of the year, it should make plenty of top ten lists of death metal albums of the year.