Metal Review: Davey Suicide – Put Our Trust in Suicide (2012)

Davey Suicide - Put Our Trust in Suicide (2012)Drawing heavy inspiration, both musically and visually, from bands like Marilyn Manson and Wednesday 13, Davey Suicide is back with his latest EP, Put Our Trust in Suicide. While the album is very generic and lacking originality, it is an anger-infused rock fest that I just cannot get enough of. If you are up for a release that makes you want to raise you middle finger to society and break all the rules, then you could do much worse than Put Our Trust in Suicide.

With only four tracks (three plus a remix), Put Our Trust in Suicide gives us three solid songs and a remix that works out well. The songs are very catchy and are geared toward today’s youth, but with an open mind, I know that you can find a place in your heart for Davey Suicide.

Musically, the band is your typical industrial-metal styled band, but Davey Suicide has been gifted with a brilliant metal voice with just the right amount of raspiness to it. The crushing guitar chords hit you like a ton of bricks while the drums bury a hole in your chest.

Generation Fuck Star starts this one off with some nice chaos. The guitar thunders through the track while Suicide’s vocals slice through the remainder of the song. The break section is a little too reminiscent of Manson, but we can offer a pass on that one. Grab a Gun & Hide Your Morals is another track infused with levity as well as punk riffs. We get a different vocal styling similar to a Rob Zombie style of vocals. Kids of America 3 is the catchiest tune of all and will strike a chord with today’s youth. The remix of Generation Fuck Star is actually one of my favorite tracks on the album though.

Given the chance, you should check out Davey Suicide’s Put Our Trust in Suicide just to have a good time with it.

Put Our Trust in Suicide Track Listing:
1. Generation Fuck Star
2. Grab a Gun & Hide Your Morals
3. Kids of America 3
4. Generation Fuck Star Remix