Metal Review: Aeon – Aeons Black (2012)

Aeon - Aeons Black (2012)Swedish death metal veterans Aeon are back with their brutal take on the death metal scene. Long live the death metal genre that so many so-called fans are calling dead. The Östersund band Aeon, who has been around since the late 90s, are proving that the genre’s veterans are alive and well and still bringing it. From the front to the back of Aeons Black, Aeon is showing that their take on Floridian-styled death metal is spot on with the classics that we all grew up on.

2010’s highly regarded Path of Fire showed technical display of musicianship with attention being paid to the groove of the songs, and Aeons Black is no different, although it is more mature. Tommy Dahlström’s vehement Anti-Christianity lyrics are shouted with a ferocity that not many death metal vocalists bring to the table anymore.

The album opens up with Still They Pray, an anthem of hate where Dahlström’s vocals highlight the track with mixed vocal speeds that keep the track chugging along well. That ever-prominent groove is featured on The Glowing Hate which mixes dual vocal tracks and some intense double bass work throughout its length. Another standout track is the absolutely brutal I Wish You Death. It is fiery and angry, which is perfect for this album with its featured guitar leads.

Aside from a few short filler tracks, Aeon is back stronger than ever showing that the guitar tandem of Zeb Nilsson and Daniel Dlimi can play with the best of them. Marcus Edvardsson is no slouch on bass either as is the same with Arttu Malkki on drums. Malkki highlights many of the songs on Aeons Black with some astounding double bass work. I know that Aeons Black will rank pretty high on my death metal releases of the year.

Aeons Black Track Listing:
1. Still They Pray
2. The Glowing Hate
3. The Voice of the Accuser
4. I Wish You Death
5. Garden of Sin
6. Neptune the Mystic
7. Nothing Left to Destroy
8. Passage to Hell
9. Aeons Black
10. Dead Means Dead
11. Sacrificed
12. Aftermath
13. Blessed by the Priest
14. Maze of the Damned
15. Die by my Hands

A History of AEON:
During the summer of 1999 the four members: Tommy Dahlström, Zeb Nilsson, Johan Hjelm and Arttu Malkki of the newly broken up band Defaced Creation decided to form a new death-metal band that would try to create a more pioneering and interesting style, instead of doing the usual “old-school” death-metal, (even though the roots was in the “old-school” death-metal). Morgan Nordbakk  joins as fill in guitarist and during the Fall of that year, AEON recorded their first demo, which included the songs “Return of Apolluon”, “Eternal Hate”, “With Blood they Pay”, “The Awakening”, “Bloodlust” and “Hell Unleashed”. In May of 2001, the 6-track demo was released as a MCD – entitled Dark Order – thru Necropolis Records. Dark Order sold out very quickly and is still in high demand.

Later in 2001, Morgan Nordbakk leaves AEON, to be replaced by Daniel Dlimi (ex-Equinox ov the Gods). Daniel is an experienced song-writer in AEON’s style of death metal, so the transition was smooth and easy. In the summer of 2002, drummer Arttu Malkki leaves the band to be replaced by Nils Fjellström followed by work on their first album.

In the fall of 2003, AEON began recording Bleeding the False, which was released on September 20th, 2005 through Unique Leader. The album was received well in the metal underground with both fans and press.

In April 2006, AEON hit the road in Europe with Cannibal Corpse and were met with an overwhelming response by the fans. Later that summer, AEON parted ways with longtime bass player Johan Hjelm (replaced by Max Carlberg), and in July, they signed a deal with Metal Blade Records.

In April 2007 the band recorded the album Rise to Dominate and in September it was released by Metal Blade Records. Much like the previous album, this one received very good response from both media and fans and demand for the band to tour in the North America continued to grow.

In January 2009, the band hits the European roads with Hate Eternal, Misery Index and See You Next Tuesday and after that they continued working on the new album. In September, AEON parted ways with bass player Max Carlberg, who was replaced by former Satyricon bass player Victor Brandt, and the band recorded the album Path of Fire. In November, AEON supported Mayhem on their Swedish dates on their “25 Years of Chaos” tour. In January 2010, bass player Victor leaves AEON and was replaced by Marcus Edvardsson.

In May 2010, AEON released their third full-lenght album, Path Of Fire thru Metal Blade Records, which was mixed by multi-talent Erik Rutan at Mana Studio in Florida and mastered by Alan Douches for West West Side Music.Once more the band was met with high praise from the death metal community and press alike with Metal Review saying the album ”excels in every department required for a stellar death metal record” and calling the album ”a juicy slab of prime-cut blasphemous death metal.” In September of the same year, drummer Nils Fjellström left AEON and by November the band re-recruits original / founding member, Arttu Mallki, to once again be the force behind the drums. In April 2011 AEON headlined a shorter UK / EU tour with Cerebral Bore and Flyed Disciple

Enter 2012: By the 1st of June AEON began recording their 4th full-length album and third release for Metal Blade, Aeons Black, with engineer/producer Ronnie Björnström (Garageland Studios). During this recording a 20 minutes documentary was also made, which will be premiered to the masses before the album drops on November 20, 2012. AEON is already confirmed for a UK tour which will take place in January 2013 with more dates for Europe and North America in the works.

Tommy Dahlsțm РVocals
Zeb Nilsson – Guitar
Daniel Dlimi – Guitar
Arttu Mallki – Drums
Marcus Edvardsson – Bass