Metal Interview – Varg


You know I love me some Varg, and when I had the chance to conduct an email interview with the band themselves, I was all over it. If you have not heard of Varg yet (shame on you), you need to check them out. Their blend of death/black/folk metal is pretty intense (read the Varg – Guten Tag review).

First off, thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. I have been a fan since day one.
You’re welcome!!

Tell us about the band name, Varg, and where it came from.
It’s old norwegian language for “wolf”. I actually don’t really know, who came up with the name, because I was not in the band when it was founded, but I guess there’s probably a creature in Lord of the Rings with the same name, haha. Just as always.

Tell us a little about the history of the band.
Founded in 2005, several line-up changes and four albums by now. I think this is not the appropriate place for boring biography shit. Who wants to check it out more accurately just search the web. We are alive and kicking and coming to get you, that’s all you need to know now, haha!

What were your thoughts about what you wanted Guten Tag to sound like?
There were no actual plans, how it had to sound like. Freki and I just started writing new songs without any limitations. That’s what we always do. Just what comes to our minds.

The album is pretty diverse (as all previous releases have been as well). Did you set out to make it as diverse as it is, or did it just happen?
The only plan we had is to write enough songs to make an album we like. For this one we wrote about 15 Songs and nearly all of them got their way onto the album. I think this is why it’s so diverse, because we didn’t try to limit it to a certain style of songs and just threw all of them in the pot!

I have listened to the album a few dozen times already, but I cannot pick favorite songs because I am digging the entire album. Do you have any particular songs that mean more to you?
Definately, I have my favourites for all Varg albums. I guess for “Guten Tag” they are “Guten Tag”, “Horizont” and “Apokalypse”. (And the Hidden Track!!)

What are your favorite tracks from any of your releases?
Well, it’s hard to find THE most favourite Song of all, because it’s also different concerning listening to songs alone and playing them live. So for listening it’ll be “Nagelfar” or “Sehnsucht”. The more darker and “blacker” songs, as you can see. When it comes to playing live it’s different.
Nothing can beat songs as “Schwertzeit” live!

What are your upcoming tour plans?
We just finished the Heidenfest in Europe. Now we have a few weeks before we hit North America together with our friends from Eluveitie and Wintersun. This is gonna be freakin awesome, because I really love the Eluveitie people and we’ve just been with Wintersun on the Heidenfest. They kick ass! I’m looking forward to a great tour with a familiar atmosphere. And of course we’ve never been to the US before! So give us a hellish welcome, folks and we show you how to rock!!

What are your major influences musically?
Whoa, can’t really answer that. Most of the music I listen to doesn’t have anything in common with Varg, haha! But I guess that’s what makes Varg in the end, all the influences I gather from different kinds of artists and put them together with my own vision.

Do you have any recent bands that you are a fan of?
Honestly I have no idea what is new at the moment. Most of the time when I discover stuff I like, it’s already pretty old. I like Excision pretty much and would love to see one of his show, but I guess the first wave of DubStep being cool is already gone, haha. I recently heard a song called “blood” by “In This Moment”. I really loved that one, sounded like oldschool Marilyn Manson. Guess I’ll check them out soon.

What are your thoughts on the metal scene in Germany?
Hard to say… it’s huge, we got plenty of concerts and festivals here. That’s pretty awesome. Well, I guess the scence is really cool.

What are your thoughts on the global metal scene?
Even harder to say.. what the fuck is the global metal scene anyway? Well, I wish there would be more cooperations done between US and European Artists. I guess everyone could only benefit from that and it would create something like a real global metal scene.

Any last thoughts that you would like to leave your fans with?
See you folks in the US! Let’s see how you can handle yourselves in the pit!!