Holiday Shopping List-Digimon Adventure: Volume 1 and Digimon: Digital Monsters – The Official First Season

For most people it is that time of the year again to start shopping for the holidays. And at this time of the year the market is really over saturated with stuff geared towards the young ones. I have taken it upon myself for the first time ever to try and help you guys out on this choir, this undertaking, this task. Last time we discussed Red vs. Blue this time it is a popular series called Digimon, as they have released a few dvds set for your spending money.

Let’s be honest most people are like me when it comes to what kids like these days, and are extremely clueless as to what a Digimon is? So I decided to research a little into this. According to the box art Digimon is basically this franchise that came out of Japan, has inspired all kinds of media and toys from anime to manga and even video games. The Digimon are creatures of monsters who live in various shapes and sizes in this parallel universe or as they call it a Digital world. My wife loves the Pokemon stuff and has always thought of this as some kind of rip off, but since I do not like the Pokemon stuff like she does, I am clueless to that as well. So, we start with the triple disc first season. This show actually debuted in 1999 in the US on Fox Kids, it is basically about a group of 7 or so kids who while at summer camp travel to the Digital World inhabited by creatures deemed Digimon. The kids later learn they have been chosen to save the Digital and real world from evil. Or as this show deems the kids “digi-destined”. Each of the kids is given a digvice which selected them to be transported to the Digiworld and given a Digimon partner.

There is also an 8 dvd set of the series that covers quite the span if you are a fan of this stuff. I will be honest; this is not my cup of tea like Pokemon and all the other stuff as well. While I love the live action Manga films like Death Note and etc. I am not a fan of the cartoon or manga; I am not the market they are trying to sell to on this product. My wife and my nieces are the target audience, and my wife may not like this but my 8 year old niece would be lost in this world, and have to have all the toys and games that go with it. This is safe for kids and also a great babysitter, kids when they start with this will more than likely have to watch more and more. As far as holiday shopping, the box set was originally 80.00 and they have it on sale at Amazon for under 30.00 that is a great deal for a fan of this stuff. Hope this helped you guys out with that list.