FearShop.com Kill of the Day – Zombi 2 (1979) – Eye Gouge

FearShop.com Kill of the Day - Zombi 2 (1979) - Eye GougeHere is one of the most tense kills that you will see from any horror movie. I have a thing about eyes anyway. Anything going near the eyes makes me squirm a little. This one is brought to us by the Godfather of Gore himself, Italy’s pwn own Lucio Fulci.

Zombi 2 (also known as Zombie, Island of the Living Dead, Zombie Island, Zombie Flesh-Eaters and Woodoo) is a 1979 zombie horror film directed by Lucio Fulci working from a screenplay by Elisa Briganti and Dardano Sacchetti.

Directed by Lucio Fulci
Produced by Fabrizio De Angelis, Ugo Tucci
Written by Elisa Briganti, Dardano Sacchetti (uncredited)
Starring Tisa Farrow, Ian McCulloch, Richard Johnson, Al Cliver
Cinematography Sergio Salvati
Editing by Vincenzo Tomassi
Release date 25 August 1979
Running time 91 minutes
Country Italy
Language Italian

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