Blu Ray Review-Godzilla vs Biollante

Kudos to Echo Bridge, finally on December 4th we get the long forgotten little 1989 Godzilla fight with a mutant rosebud that blossoms to Biollante on dvd and blu ray. In the last year, we have got some titles on blu ray, but I wish someone would release all of them in one giant set. With news, of a all new Godzilla film gracing the big screen in the next 18 months, now is the time for Godzilla fans to really start looking out for these releases. As far as picture and ratio goes, this is one of the better Echo Bridge blu rays, and if anyone this time bitches about these things my thing is this, we finally got the film out on blu ray, I am just happy for that miracle. Last year, around this time I was so stoked that Godzilla came out on Criterion blu ray, and I had to get it and watch it immediately, I was always as a kid and young adult a fan of the Godzilla franchise. I even somewhat liked the one with Matthew Broderick. While Criterion had a steep asking price, Echo Bridge is selling this one for under 15.00 on blu ray.

This film takes place after the end of Godzilla 85, when Godzilla was locked away in the volcano. Now the world seems to be rushing to find out and understand about the biology of the monsters, and toget samples from his previous destruction. One of these samples has the potential we are told for chemical weapons. ( perhaps a tongue and cheek reference to Iraq during our first gulf war). Well, as always the case with these films, a biologist combines cells and creates this half rose creature called Biollante. In this film the characters are more than frightened runners, this time they are emotional and really give us a good story to go with the effects and fights. The doctor sees Biollante more as his late daughter, and it creates some good little emotional sprinkles throughout to make this film have a little depth to it. As a whole, I am glad to finally get to watch this again on blu ray. I think this is one of the better Godzilla films, and that new fans would warm up to this film as well as old fans who have seen it a few times, and may want to revisit it again now that it is finally available in a format other than vhs. I just hope we get more Godzilla on blu ray, and I really hope that they give us a documentary into the history and get something going before we get the new full length.

8.5 out of 10