Blu Ray Review-ExistenZ

Before I start this review, I want to make a mention the blu ray quality is not the best, and the film does not fit the screen to the best, but if you can ignore those two things and realized that finally this film is on blu ray and is on the cheap, you may like it. For some these problems are unforgivable for me they are forgivable if the price tag is low and I know this will be my only chance to get it on blu ray. I mean the dvd quality was not the best, and I paid 20.00 dollars for that when it came out in 2000. This review is not about the quality of the product, because even the major studios have hit us with bad transfers and charged us a lot more than Echo is charging. So if you can get over the transfer, which at first may not be the best but as the film plays on, I got used to it, and did not notice it. So, this review is about the film which I think people who are film lovers and know that even in the old days, companies gave us bad transfers and asked us for a lot of money. So, if you have the film on dvd and liked that transfer you may want to stick with that, if you do not have the dvd, the blu ray transfer is a step better but barely than the original transfer. So, that in mind here is a review of the film now.

If there ever was a film that I would call a classic, this would be in my list. Jennifer Jason Leigh is game designer Allegra Geller, responsible for the new groundbreaking eXistenZ game system. Along with Ted Pikul played by Jude Law, they take the beta version of the game for a test drive and are immersed in a dangerous alternate reality. Directed by the film god David Cronenberg.

There are not enough words to express how amazing this film is. You have Cronenberg, who is one of my all-time favorite directors. You have Jennifer Jason Leigh who is one of the best actresses of all time. And one of the best Jude Law films, which says a lot. Even, Jude Law cannot fuck up this film. This came out around the time of The Matrix. Where a film like The Matrix was about reality and virtual reality, this film is sort of the in-between. You never quite know what to believe in this film, which adds to the charm. This title to finally be released on blu ray is both a positive and negative for the viewer, as I would have loved a triple disc blu ray loaded with features galore. It almost seems like an insult to be listed on a combo pack with two other films that are not up to par with what this delivers. This film will keep your attention from start to finish, because every scene has some kind of purpose and meaning. And even all the way to the finale, this film does not let up on the guessing game. If you have never seen Existenz, this is a fucking must see. A film that you can watch with anyone and both of you will be glued to the screen throughout. . This is definitely another reminder of why David Cronenberg is a master of directing. And also a king of the strange, this film with what is going on today in the gaming industry, has to be seen as some kind of inspiration. Jennifer Jason Leigh is in my humble opinion the best actresses of our generation by far. Jude Law…ummmmm….at least he made one good film.

10 out of 10