Blu Ray Review-Dinotasia

Dinotasia starts off with a story about Siberia 250 million years ago at the end of the Permian period in a time they deemed the great dying. This is supposed to be about the age and era of the dinosaur, and told on a smaller budget than what most of these films are shot on. The first issue I had right out of the gate is that this is short, and leaves out so much. It touches on a lot, but really goes in depth about so little. This documentary/mock documentary plays on the fact that they assume the viewer knows going into it the bulk of history and has seen all the other documentaries and tries to do it in a way that is humorous and offers this new slant sort of, that I really was not a fan of. The story they tried to tell seemed so disjointed, like it was scrambled and felt incomplete at times and at other times, seems thrown together to make order from all this chaotic parts and pieces that just do not seem to mesh together at times. It does leave out quite a few of the dinosaurs from that era. I hate that it tried to be a mock nature documentary but played it way too serious, and had little to no humor to it. The dinosaurs in this looked like horribly drawn cartoon characters and the information they gathered for this film was lacking and not really accurate. This seemed based more on speculating then on scientific facts.

This film also paints nature in a very bad light, as it shows nature as some violent war field for all species to exist. Let’s be honest, all life is a constant struggle if not for humans, but also for anything form of life, but I try to think nature is the only constant that does not battle, I do not see a time when trees will fight the ground or each other, or even rocks will fight other rocks. I do not think this life or world will go that far into the future where inanimate objects can wage war. This seemed like a collection of cartoons that were supposed to harken back to yesteryear and I guess is supposed to be geared towards children, very young ones which is odd because of how violent and emotional some of these scenes are. The positive at least was that they did not let the animals speak words but they do communicate with one another in other intelligent ways. Werner Herzog who I am a big fan of does the vocal work and at times he is trying to be serious and at others you feel he is pulling your leg, like your parents or grandparents telling you as a small child a fairy tale story. The underlining meaning of this film is that learning can be fun in some ways, but this story was so confusing, disjointed and at times very boring, that the only thing I learned from this was that while I am always fascinated with our existence that I may want to keep seeking out other means to learn about this time in our history.

4 out of 10