20 Best Female Villains in a Horror Film

20. Mary Lou: The prom Queen that returns to possess a teenage girl after burning to death at her prom. She’s back to reclaim that title! I actually prefer this sequel. The first Prom Night was okay but Mary Lou is underrated. Avoid part III at all costs!

19. Nurse Ratched: Bad, bad nurse! You should have just given the man his cigarettes. I know this isn’t horror but she’s vicious enough to make it on this list.

18. Nancy Downs: The crazy eyed Wiccan that takes it too far in The Craft. Brilliantly performed by Fairuza Balk.

17. Joan Crawford: Mommie Dearest, real life actress Joan Crawford performed by Faye Dunaway is a bad mother and has a strong disliking towards wire hangers.

16. Santanico Pandemonium: Sexy Spanish topless dancer that’s also a vampire. She likes snakes. Performed by the beautiful Salma Hayek.

15. Julia Cotton: Dirty cheater with bad hair in Hellraiser. She and her dead lover open the gates of hell and are being chased by super scary demons. I prefer Julia in the sequel where she’s the zombie.

14. Lemora: One of the most unattractive vampires I have ever seen but still one of my favorites. Lemora is a rare vampire film that nobody has ever heard of, unless you’re a hardcore horror fan of course.

13. Annie Wilkes: Super psychotic and overweight fan of a novelist who “rescues” the man but keeps him with her, against his will and eventually bashes his feet with a hammer. This scene is hard to watch. Kathy Bates plays the role of Annie in the film Misery.

12. Princess Asa Vajda: A vengeful witch that comes back to life killing everyone that stands in her way of possessing the body belonging to a look-alike. Brilliantly acted by Barbara Steele, I met her a few years ago and she’s still beautiful.

11. Mother in Flowers in the Attic: Bad mother. Had sex with her Uncle and bared his children. Locks her kids up in an attic to please parents and inherit their fortune.

10. Amanda: One of the killers from Saw that was an ex-junkie and the Jigsaw killer was the closest thing to a father she ever had but her being partly responsible for the death of his child made her “test” hard to pass. She’s also a cutter.

9. The Grand High Witch: An evil, disgusting looking beast with a long pointy nose who parades around in fake skin while eating children or turning them into mice. Played by Anjelica Huston, she stole the show! What a performance. “You look marvelous.”  “Wish I could say the same for you.”

8. Miriam Blaylock: One of the most beautiful vampires ever captured on film. Catherine Deneuve was stunning as the Egyptian vampire who promises her lovers eternal youth but they’re doomed to live forever as an elderly in a coffin while she moves on to her next lover.

7. Jane Hudson: Bette Davis stars as the very scary and decrepit looking, Baby Jane. Jane cripples her sister Blanche in a jealous rage and keeps her locked up in their old mansion while she wastes away with liquor and is delusional enough to believe people will want to see that old hag performing again.

6. Rikka: Everyone always puts Eihi Shiina on their list for her role in Audition. While I am a fan of Audition, I thought she was even more insane and fun to watch in Helldriver where she plays a terrible mother who eats her husband’s leg, along with her brother, and rips out her daughter’s heart. Rikka gets hit by a meteor and becomes Queen of the zombies.

5. Ms. Voorhees: Talks to dead people that are not there. Never taught her son how to swim. Murders campers because she never taught her son how to swim. Bad taste in sweaters.

4. Rhoda Penmark: Sadistic little eight-year-old that kills people when she doesn’t get her way.

3. Margaret White: Everyone always puts Carrie on their list but her mother is ten times more evil than she is and I still believe Carrie is a victim and everyone got what they deserved. Almost everyone. Margaret White is a Jesus freak, a bad mother, and just plain crazy.

2. Beatrice Dalle From Inside: Her character doesn’t really have a name. They just call her ‘The Woman.’ She’s a gap toothed baby stealer suffering from the loss of her own baby. If you’re pregnant, avoid this film at all costs.

1. Angela: The little girl with a penis that decapitates, burns victims alive, and brutally kills with a curling iron… Among other things. Not many people will put Angela/Peter on their list because technically she is a boy but I believe Angela belongs on the top of the list. After the first film, starring Felissa Rose, Angela gets a sex change and returns to three more films. Part II and III starred Pamela Springsteen. Felissa Rose reclaimed her role as Angela in the very last installment.

Honorable Mentions:

Baby Firefly and The Woman.