Top 10 Cds that Influenced me-Haroula Rose

In 2012, Wicked Channel I am proud we review a lot of music. We really changed a lot of people’s expectations of what a so-called horror or movie site can cover. One of the things I am extremely happy about is that we covered so many up and coming new bands or artists. No matter what the musical style and this artist is a great example. Haroula Rose is a cross between Aimee Mann and a southern rock band called Drive By Truckers. Almost like a crossing of folk with new school country music. Well, I wanted to have diverse talent give us lists, because I knew the lists would be very diverse, but I admit this list was not what I was expecting. If you like this list or our review of this cd back in the summer, you should seek this out.

Haroula Rose

Io Echo EP self-titled
Milk Carton Kids “Prologue”
The Mynabirds “Generals”
Beach House “Bloom”
Anais Mitchell “Young Man In America”
Frank Ocean “Channel Orange”
Father John MIsty “Fear Fun”
Cate Le Bon CYRK
Leonard Cohen “Old Ideas”
Sharon Van Etten “Tramp”

Io Echo getting some love, hell has frozen over. I always thought I was the only fan of this band, but to be an influence on someone else, I am shocked and very impressed.