WWE Hell in a Cell 2012- Preview and Predictions

This Sunday is WWE’s Hell in a Cell PPV out of Atlanta, Georgia. In the last month, WWE has been in panic mode with its ratings on Monday hitting record lows, and fans growing tired of what they are being fed. I remember when Hell in a Cell used to have that appeal that you knew something was going to happen that would blow you away, but in the last few years of PG WWE this feels just like another cage match to me. I last month blasted TNA for going back into the vaults to run their angles yet again with different names; I should say the same for WWE as they seem to be creatively not clicking with me. Without no more delay let’s see what is planned this Sunday.

Hell in a Cell Match for the WWE Championship
– CM Punk (c) vs. Ryback

Before I talk about this match, more people cheered Goldberg’s name this year then when Goldberg was in WWE thru his whole run. Talk about WWE being in a tough spot. You got Skip Sheffield who has to have this first title match inside Hell in a Cell, with a technical wrestler who is used to having 20 to 30 minute matches. WWE has really pushed this man down our throats hard, and is sure painting the picture that Ryback will win. I think Big Show vs Ryback would have been a better match up for the kid, because I am not sure he can go with Punk. All signs point to Punk vs Rock at Royal Rumble, and the John Cena rematch at Survivor Series. This is the bad part, if Ryback wins it would harm Punk more than help Ryback, but if Ryback loses it would totally ruin all the work creative have done to create this monster. What is the middle ground that both characters leave this match unscathed; it has to be some kind of DQ on Punk. God, Cena interferes maybe, Brock Lesnar interferes really likely. This match is such a mistake for Ryback, because it could expose him for what he truly is a marketing idea that will have as the match goes longer a lot of rest holds and will be gassed and not ready for a technical match. This is a powerhouse he needs more squash matches and less chances to expose the cracks in his armor. John Cena said it right, the man does not care about the WWE title he just wants to be an ass kicker. If Punk can carry Ryback to a 5 star match, WWE needs to let him retire with the strap. The title sticks with Punk for now, and will keep telling us weekly how many days it has been. I feel he has to make the year.

Winner-Ryback by some DQ

World Heavyweight Championship Match
– Sheamus (c) vs. Big Show

I like that the WWE at least gave us new match ups this month, but why make the first time matches in Hell in a Cell? I have absolutely hated the build to this match, you have had some incredible matches with Sheamus and Wade Barrett why not make that match for Hell in a Cell? We know that Big Show is heading towards a feud with Ryback, we know Sheamus is going to lose the belt, but it will not be to Big Show, it is going to be Dolph Ziggler, I just feel this is the night they finally pull the trigger and let Ziggler take the strap. If he cashes in on Big Show, expect a face run and a feud with Daniel Bryan to really keep him occupied.

Winner and new WWE Champ-Dolph Ziggler ( and for the record I have said this same result for the last 3 PPV’s, let us hope it comes to pass this time out)

Triple Threat Match Divas Title
-Eve(c) vs.Kaitlyn vs.Layla

What has happened to women’s wrestling in the last few years, even TNA have dropped the ball and made it more comical and eye rolling. Gone are the days of Lita and Trish headlining Raw and doing ladder matches that had the fans cheering and on their feet, and in its place is this? You signed Sara Del Ray, and this is what you want to give us? When was the last time, a WWE women’s match went over 5 minutes and felt important? Eve is the only woman who really has some kind of storyline and character in this match; the other two are interchangeable and could have been anyone else. This match will go for about 4 minutes and the crowd will boo and yell boring, and get the women to botch moves and hopefully no one gets hurt in this match.

Winner and still champ-Eve

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
– Kofi Kingston (c) vs. The Miz

This is a hard one to predict, I am a fan of both. I want to think this reign is supposed to make Kofi a main eventer, and that the WWE are really getting behind it this time. But, the truth is I think losing the belt is the best thing to happen to The Miz. He is another wrestler that the office always seems to get behind in short doses, and then devalue him. I think this is the time yet again that he moves into the main event picture. The Miz and Kofi are both really talented, and it is pretty much written that Miz will lose here. This match by all rights could steal the show. I am just hoping that we get some main event pushes for both of them.

Winner and Still Champ-Kofi Kingston

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
– Team Hell No (c) vs. Team Rhodes Scholars

Why did Stone Cold and The Rock as characters work? They are not forced down our throats, and when we got behind them, the whole show did not revolve around them to the point we got annoyed. WWE did that with the AJ character, the second she got over huge, next thing she was forced down our throats every second. The same with Bryan and Kane, it gets to be too much. Name another wrestler who has had so many doomed angles and ideas, and turned them into gold as much as Bryan has? Bryan is their 2012 meal ticket, their Shawn Michaels. Look what he has done for the Kane character, name the last time you seen Kane over that much? The reaction he gets with the yes yes yes chants is insane; it is this decade’s what chant. I know Sandow is a HHH project, and HHH has made this man like the 1995 Hunter character. Cody Rhodes, how times have changed before Wrestlemania last year, the fans wanted him to be pushed to the main event and he has been on such a downward spiral, jobbing weekly and just becoming a curtain jerker. The titles would mean more to Rhodes and Sandow, and could establish one and rebuild the other with a healthy run. The truth is that Vince right now may take the route that is selling merchandise more than helping establish, so I think Kane and Bryan will keep this going.

Winners and still champs-Anger Management 101, I refuse to call them the ridiculous Hell No, I like my name more

Singles Match
– Alberto Del Rio vs. Randy Orton

If Orton beat Ziggler last month, how can he lose this match? The Del Rio character is not over with the fans, and is going to settle in the mid card or establish role, where he is the one to job to the up and coming main eventers. I think Orton can do no wrong in the WWE eyes; the man has had how many drug violations and still has a job? When he went on that radio show and shit talked Kelly Kelly and told all her personal business and her sex life and was not punished tells me all I need to know about who is who in the backstage politics party. I have never been sold on Orton being the main event or talented, just like Cena. I think Orton’s attitude is shit and he comes across like a whiny bitch. He has been known to lose his temper like last month when the crowd cheered Ziggler and Orton flipped them off. Or when he is wrestling a guy who botches a move and Orton pouts and complains till WWE buries that guy. We all know the result of this match; because we are heading to the big 4 PPV next month and we have to get Orton ready.

Winner-Randy Orton

On paper this card seems a little thin, which makes me think we may get a US Title match out of Antonio, and a lot of the drama of the AJ and Cena scandal? We all know that the AJ heel turn is coming, it is pretty much written in stone that whoever is the real wrestler that AJ was messing around with will challenge Cena, and they will feud to keep Cena occupied while we get to the Punk vs Rock match. The ratings show that people are starting to sour on the CM Punk run, and that if WWE plan on taking the title off of him, why not Ryback? If Lesnar enters that cage and beats down Ryback, I think Hell in a Cell could be worth remembering. If my predictions are true, where do we truly go from here? Who else can challenge CM Punk before we get to Rock? If Ryback wins, is he truly ready to hold this title and carry the company? If Ziggler wins, will it be like the Jack Swagger title run, which was such a fail. There were reasons why wrestlers like Curt Hennig and Rick Rude never held the WWE title; it is because while they are good at delivering great matches, they really do not have that selling point that could get people to want to see them wrestle the great matches. It was always their opponents who sold the match. Daniel Bryan should be back in the main event picture, especially if they plan on giving Ziggler the strap. You have two built in feuds, you have Miz and Bryan if they turn him face, and you have John Cena to fight him, if Ziggler was the guy who got with AJ if he is still a heel. As far as the PPV, some of these matches on paper may deliver, and I am dying to see Ryback get tested and have to go 20 minutes and see if he is truly ready for this stage.