Wrestling Review-YouShoot: Tammy Sytch (aka Sunny)

Kayfabe Commentaries is back with their infamous YouShoot series and this time it is with none other than former WWF diva Sunny aka Tammy Sytch. As many people know Tammy at one time was the most downloaded woman online even surpassing Pamela Anderson and Cindy Margolis in their primes. This shoot interview goes well over 2 hours and tells you all you need to know about Tammy. The topics (or chapters) include Drugs, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Potpourri, Sex and so much more. Tammy admits at the start of the show that she is now sober and has been for 33 days when she completed her stint in Silver Hill Rehab Facility. Her latest boyfriend indie wrestler Damien Darling makes a cameo during this, as well as stands behind the camera man and learns more about Sunny then I think even he knew. Let’s be honest, the selling point to this is easy Tammy is open and very graphic in describing her sexual behavior and the things she likes. Though at times it starts to come across as sounding a little too trashy or slutty, but let’s be honest guys do it all the time, why can’t a woman be open about it. The humor in this at times is very funny, like when a drunken guy asks Tammy if she shaves her women parts and points at this big shrub, or when they show the Jim Cornette/Dairy Queen video and Tammy gets to talk about it. (FYI, if you never seen the Jim Cornette at Dairy Queen video, it is a must watch) but at times the humor seems very cruel spirited. Like when Tammy talks about being on MTV singled out and the guy who won the date with her. Even worst was when she had to watch past YouShoot videos with wrestlers who said some things about Tammy, that when you see her face while watching she almost looks like she has so sad and worried, that it looks like she is regretful before they even speak. I give Tammy all the credit in the world for sitting there and taking it, but oh man it put a new definition on what a shoot video is capable of doing by putting a window into someone’s soul and them sitting there squirming.

She names all the guys she has ever been with, and some names will surprise you unless you have seen the trailer for this shoot, then you may not be so shocked. But, last month Amy Shumer was on Howard Stern putting over Dolph Ziggler, and also on here so does Tammy. Dolph may not cash in that briefcase, but dude has been quite the slut. She also shares a story about Tommy Dreamer dating both Francine and Beulah at the same time. If you are not familiar with YouShoot, Sean Oliver does this deal called The Ho Bag, where he calls out women names and Tammy tells us some inside info if the girl is a ho or not. And there is a name on there that I won’t talk about, but assume she may be connected to Matt Hardy Version 1.0 that almost came across like a very hateful rant that vented into a death threat or something. Sean also does what they call the Dick Bag, where he says names to Tammy and she does the same thing. When they get to Eric Bischoff, Tammy shares a story that is so fucking odd that involves Eric, DDP and Kimberly Page that is well worth seeing this shoot just for that alone. There is also a story about someone shitting in someone’s sandwich that fit the mood to this shoot, the questions the odder they got, the answers were odder. And to me that made this so funny, and just outright a good interview. It was unpredictable and very off topic a lot.

The negatives to this shoot, there was way too many Kill Fuck Die segments. I would have been happy with one or two, but they gave us four. And they just got more and more flat as they kept going. They also had this time killer they called Wrestling Name game where they pretend they are on the road and doing wrestling names, that was lame. The Twitter readings, I was shocked that no one really asked Tammy any hardball questions. Now, that being said this shoot in its regular format, where they did not break away into these segments, the fans hit Tammy very hard and asked her things that you can tell were getting to her. Sean Oliver as always does his best dry humor interview style that really comes across as fun to relate to. To know her boyfriend was there listening to all this shoot stuff had to be hard for him if he loves her. No one ever wants to hear about their love talking about all the men she has been with and then tell stories that are very graphic. Where no one else would have the guts, kudos to Tammy for talking honestly about Dawn Marie and the allegations for Wrestlers Rescue that has made all the wrestling news sites and everyone seems to want to keep hush about it. Tammy is living proof what the industry does to its own, and with all her recent news, this shoot really shined a light on a woman who really paved the way for the women in wrestling today. Tammy deserves so much credit for sitting there and watching other wrestlers just attacking her and accuses her of things that clearly she did not know about them saying. When she tells the story about Sable and what made them enemies at that time, it seems that Tammy seems intent on doing back to someone what was done to her by others in their shoot interviews. Whether you are a fan or not a fan, she shares so many road stories and seems to have this fixation with always bringing up how many black athletes have crushes on her back in the day. She also brings up what it was like to meet Mike Tyson for the first time. All in all, as far as shoots go this is by far the best one I have seen on Tammy yet. If you are a Sunny fan, this one does not disappoint.

8.5 out of 10