Top 10 Female Horror Villains-James Picks

This is a special Top 10 list, Rebekah Herzberg came up with this concept I could not say no to, Top 10 Female Horror Villains. Of all the lists I been a part of, this one to me was the easiest to come up with. On behalf of me and mine, I want to wish all of you guys a safe, happy and very fun Halloween tonight. Watch some great films, and make some kids smile and scare them at the same time. Always, thanks for checking me and the site out, it mean so much. Enjoy my list…

10.Amanda Young: Saw Franchise-Shawnee Smith to me really sums up what a horror villain is supposed to be. She is manipulative, smart and most of all she will stoop to any level to get something done. I hated that this franchise got so flashback heavy after part 3, but I am a huge fan of the franchise nonetheless and as much as Jigsaw was a great villain, Amanda deserves just as much credit as the films rolled along.

9.Ginger:Ginger Snaps-Katharine Isabelle had to make the list, Ginger Snaps to me is one of the best Werewolf films. It took a concept that we are all familiar with, and made it seem fresh and exciting. Ginger was dangerous, evil but lord was she absolutely breathtakingly beautiful that most of us would let her do whatever she wanted to us. When people talk about horror films that really deserve so much more credit then they get, this film would be near the top of the list.

8.Queen:Aliens-I remember on my 16th birthday going to see Aliens on the big screen, and being so blown away. For any franchise to create great heroes like Ripley, they have to fight perfect villians like the Queen in Alien. The fight scene in the end with them is still to this day, very awesome and fun to watch. This film is why blu ray was invented.

7.Samara:The Ring-This is a good example of when a horror remake is done perfect. The Ring, is from start to finish such a great little gem, and Samara to me is so creepy and effective. This film is required Halloween viewing. Daveigh Chase did play Samantha Darko in the two Darko films, and is on one of my fave shows Big Love. God, it would rule if she did more good horror like The Ring.

6. The Wicked Witch of the West: Wizard of Oz- Margaret Hamilton in my youth gave me all the reason to keep my night light on. This film is 73 years old, and is still today as effective as it was when I first saw it in my youth. To think that my great grandkids and their great grandkids will be watching this film and being afraid as well, and this film keeps on becoming the timeless classic it has always been speaks so many volumes for this film and its impact.

5. Regan: The Exorcist-There is that one film that just comes out of nowhere and makes such a statement. This is that film, and even today some almost 40 years later this film scares audiences and makes diehard fans glad they are horror fans. Linda Blair was so believable and she really put the fear into us as we watched it unravel on the screen. This film even today still stands out as what a horror classic is, it is smart, scary and very effective. Thank god the remake craze did not touch this film, yet.

4. Asami: Audition-Talk about a film that really sucks you in, manipulates you and tightens it grip on you as the film slowly creeps on. This film felt like the highest roller coaster, how you sit in that chair and the ride creeps slowly to the very top and you are sitting there with fear, excitement and you cannot look away. Audition is such an amazing film; Takashi is still to this day a great visionary and director.

3. Marie: High Tension- What makes a great horror villain is to make her evil, make her challenging to the viewer that they cannot predict what will come next and most of all maybe create a false illusion for the viewer, where they are actually not seeing them for who or what they truly are. High Tension does that and it does it perfectly, this film is the case of people being not what they seem to be. Cécile De France as Marie was believable, and we all fell for it hook, line and sinker all the way to the end. High Tension is an amazing movie, Aja is one of the best directors of our time, and this film defines what horror truly is.

2. Mrs. Gilmore: Rosemary Baby-If there is no reason to buy a blu ray today, this film came out on Criterion. I love Rosemary’s Baby, and no matter how many times I watch it, it still gets to me. When Mrs. Gilmore tries to convince Rosemary that everything is ok, even almost 45 years later still gets to me. As a character she gets under your skin, you are fearful as to what she can do, and most of all you are scared to death to mess with her. I know a lot of people view some of the stuff in this film as anti-sematic, I just really never paid attention to that and enjoyed this film for what it was and is, a classic.

1. La Femme: Inside- Inside is a film that the horror genre needed; you can almost say the community begged for it. La Femme is a character whose intentions are pretty straight forward; she is stalking a pregnant woman and will do anything to get her baby. What makes La Femme such an effective villain is she is the gore answer to The Terminator, and will stop at nothing to get this unborn child for her own. She is pretty much the woman that if we broke her heart or one night standed, we would be in fear of for the rest of our life. Hell, we would be scared for our family, friends and anyone we are associated with lives as well. She made us scared of what she would do next and what low she would sink to. This film like this character is such a must.

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