TNA Wrestling Bound for Glory-Preview and Predictions

This Sunday Night is TNA Wrestling’s biggest wrestling event of the year, it is Bound for Glory. Coming off the two lowest rated Impact shows in the last 2 years, is anyone really excited about this PPV? Let’s look at what has been going on in TNA as of late, they were accused of paying people to follow them on Twitter. Retail stores do not carry their dvds anymore, and house show attendance is pretty bad. When WWE is in panic mode for a 2.5 rating and WCW Nitro was cancelled by the network for a 1.9, I wonder how Spike feels about TNA’s go home show to their PPV barely getting a .88. That is less than a million people who watched the buildup to your major PPV. The kicker to all this, is that if you order this on PPV it is a 45.00 dollars, but if you go to a movie theater that is showing it like I will be it is only 17.00 plus you mail them the ticket stub and they send you a free t shirt. Let’s get to this card and see what the number two company is offering

Austin Aries vs. Jeff Hardy for the TNA World Heavyweight Title.

Does this really feel like a dream match to anyone? Jeff Hardy is the golden goose for this company, his merch sales alone beat out the whole TNA roster combined including Hogan and Sting. Jeff has made it very public leading into this show his contract is coming up and he does not want to commit to TNA for another year, what a great move for their main event guy to come out about openly and public. Aries I liked him more in the X Division and his championship reign so far seems like a bad joke, he has yet to have that many title matches and to show he is capable of carrying the title. Now, since CM Punk found success in his current role, TNA decided to test the waters and rush a heel turn on Aries which seems very silly when you think about it. You know if Hardy wins, Aries will challenge and the feud will continue but what if Aries retains, who is really next for him? Anderson? Storm? More Jeff Hardy? I think TNA was so wrong to let the fans dictate how to run their company, because this is what the fans wanted and sure enough half of them turned off the program and quit watching. I think TNA after a decade have to be better than they are right now, this is a company that I will go on record to say, I am dead set to think have not turned any kind of profit on their investment. Long Term says Aries retains, to try and get him some fire and spark and build him up. Short term says to give it to Hardy, let him headline the next PPV and get all you can out of him before he leaves in early 2013. I think the match will be good, but I do not see this on any level of any kind of major main event for a once a year show.

Your winner-Austin Aries retains.

Christopher Daniels and Kazarian vs. Kurt Angle and A.J. Styles vs. Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero Jr. in a three-way for the TNA Tag Titles.

On paper this match could steal the show, you have Daniels and Kaz as the champs, who to me have improved and really stood out in the last few months. I love the comedic slant to the team, and they both are super talented and can carry any opponents. I am not fond of the 2012 LAX, I liked the old LAX and thought they would have super over if given the chance. I hate Chavo and think bringing him to TNA is like taking money and throwing it out the window. AJ and Kurt are a great team, that I think just the thought of them wrestling as a team alone would really make the fans respect the tag division more. TNA wants to get all they can out of Chavo, and you know eventually he will be in their X division, so if any team is taking the job it will be Hernandez and Chavo, they are the lesser of the three teams. I think Daniels and Kaz almost have to retain because they finally have something working for them, and they seem re-energized and focused.

Your winners-Kaz and Daniels retain.

Bobby Roode vs. James Storm in a falls count anywhere street fight with King Mo Lawal as special referee.

Horrible, this is just awful. You build a feud for a year and this is the blow off match and it is the undercard? Again, I think Dixie is a chef who does not know how to cook. She loves to look smart on tv and come across in interviews as intelligent but clearly she has no concept of how to make her product better and evolve. TNA seems to go in patterns each year, where they regurgitate things from the past to re-try them and see if they can work with different names. I know she was publically humiliated at Lockdown and the dismal ticket sales, and having to do this on ppv with barely 500 people in a 14,000 auditorium. And the crowd was silent the whole night, it hurt her and I get that. But, you have to look at your roster and stop hiring people who are not helping you out. You have Hulk Hogan, RVD, Jeff Hardy, Sting and etc you build up a huge PPV and you get there and you only sell less than 500 tickets. The fans are telling you right there, what they want and do not want. WWE Smackdown house shows with B level talent average 3500 paying customers. Dixie blamed the main event of Storm and Roode on the poor sales and decided to scrap the feud, and play an angle where Storm has to soul search then re-fire the angle a few months later. Again, you have to think about rebuilding the whole company, not just certain matches. The match just seems like a throwaway, and will do more for Mo then it will for the talent. I think Roode is kicking himself for not taking the WWE contract in 2009. If Aries retains, they have to have a good guy win this feud, to set Austin up with a future opponent.

Your Winner-James Storm.

Miss Tessmacher vs. Tara for the TNA Knockouts Title.

I like Tara, I think she is a great women’s wrestler. It should have been her and Gail Kim; I know Mickey James is another one of those that started off hot and just completely fizzled. Another bad TNA investment, that is not on a pay per appearance deal like most of the TNA stars are, but she actually has a multiyear 6 figure deal. I bet the money they pay Gail Kim, Mickey James, anything Hogan and Eric Bischoff alone could rival what most of the mid card talent in WWE get paid. And what are they getting out of all this money? Not one of those three are on this PPV. When you do get your accountant on the speed dial and ask how a company that is on tv and ppv do not make a profit? I like Tara; do I see her winning hell no, but I like Tara. I am hoping if I pick Tara, that Lisa the next time she is in town will let me ride her cycle with her and put my arms around her. Plus you got Velvet Sky coming back to TNA because she found out being a free agent does not pay bills, like Matt Morgan did.

Your winner and new TNA ladies champ-Tara

Sting and Bully Ray vs. two members of Aces & 8s.

Everyone thinks Bully Ray will turn and be the leader of Aces, but wouldn’t it be funny if all match long we are expecting this turn and it is Sting who actually turns. I know TNA’s history, they want to take someone who is popular and make him hated to see if that could boost sales. The history with swerves and TNA Bound for Glory is pretty bad, you had two Hogan turns, you had a Jeff Hardy turn, a Jeff Jarrett turn, and with all logic, it cannot be Ray that is way too obvious, and TNA never takes the obvious route, they take the ridiculous. Matt Morgan has re-signed after he told the world he was going to be WWE bound, he found out Vince did not want him, now he is back. Jarrett has been backstage at some of the tapings with creative, so that puts him also in the group; with all the Devon name drops that put him in the group more than likely. Luke Gallows signed, Velvet Sky signed, and more than likely they either got MVP, John Morrison, or Carlito signed as well. That leads the major swerve of the one person we do not see coming to turn, I say Sting which leads to a Bully Ray face turn and makes him a legit contender to Aries. But, Sting goes in the Hall of Fame the night before, which leads to me thinking that maybe I am way off, and they went simple and are going with Bully, and then if Hardy wins the title make him the first contender after the rematch. Any way you slice this pie, Aces and 8s will win, I am just not so sure who will turn. God, Sting why didn’t you sign with WWE and take the payday to fight Undertaker at Mania? It would have cemented your legacy win or lose, and made that Hall of Fame entry so much more special.

Your winners-Aces and 8s

Samoa Joe vs. Magnus.

I was watching the CM Punk blu ray the other night, on his story he put over Joe so huge as having so much talent and how great a talent he is. The Samoa Joe world title reign was a year too late, and too much damage was done to the character to make him a person we wanted to see carry the company. I would love to see Joe breakout yet again and get a second run with the title, and I feel right now he is rebuilding all of TNA’s bad booking decisions and is starting to look really good again, I know Magnus is one of those future prospects that TNA is betting the farm on to really carry the company into the next 10 years. This match on paper does not appeal to me, but I know in the ring this will go bell to bell and really deliver. I think Magnus has a bright future, but I think right now TNA has to keep Joe looking strong and keep him with some kind of title.

Your Winner-Samoa Joe

Al Snow vs. Joey Ryan.

TNA’s Gut Check is supposed to be cutting edge and a new concept to take wrestling to new highs. Let’s be completely honest, it is awful and does more for the people behind the scenes to try and look knowledgeable then to help any new talent. For people not familiar with Joey Ryan he has been bouncing on the indie scene for over a decade, and has changed his gimmick once a week it seems like. The last time I seen Ryan actually matter what is in the XPW reunion show, and he did not even wrestle. Ryan reminds of me of Dynamite D in his style and approach, but what does this match have to do with a major PPV spot? Al Snow, what does he have to gain out of this match to show that he can beat a talent who they would not give a contract to? This match makes absolutely no sense, and is pathetic. You know Ryan wins and he gets a contract to wrestle, I just wish they would have put something else in this spot and left this for the tv show.

Your winner-Joey Ryan

Rob Van Dam vs. X Division Champion Zema Ion.

More than likely this will be non-title, but I will go on record, I like this match up a lot. Zema Ion is one of those talents who do not get his due, but when you watch him wrestle you know the kid has some major talent. To pit him with someone who is just as reckless and daring as he is with Rob, feels like a dream match that years from now people will remember. I just hope they are given some time to work, and that this is not the pre-show match to play on free tv. Zema Ion needs the nod so bad in this one, but you know Rob will win. I think this is another one of those matches that may steal the show. You know what; I am hoping that TNA give the X Division Champ the rub in this one, and that Rob can do the good deed to help build this kid.

Your Winner-Zema Ion

Bound for Glory last year was awful, the year before it was lackluster, I am really hoping this year is a hit they really need the positive feedback from fans more now than ever. I mean, who else can you blame, Russo is long gone and since he left the ratings have taken an even bigger dip then when he was involved. Who can Prichard, Hogan and Bischoff point at as being the ones who are killing this product this time? Now, the product is all in their hands and they are involved in all the aspects and behind the scenes. I hope the Aces and 8s deal ends at this PPV, it really has went on for far too long and worn out its welcome, that I am at the point I can care less who is who in that group. Failure to pull the trigger on ideas is the downfall to this company. Right now, WWE is at an all-time low and if you have any chance in this game, it is right now. If you cannot make it in the next few months turn around for you, then you need to finally call it a day.