The Wicked Channel Interview with Cinema Cinema

This week’s interview is very unique, Cinema Cinema is this duo with cousins Ev Gold (vocals & guitars) and Paul Claro (drums) in 2008. They released their second cd this year which seems to be getting some attention and CMJ love, I reviewed this cd and I been seeing people talking more and more about this band and thought, why not put them on the spot and see what makes them tick. Enjoy this and thanks for checking it out, if you like what you read, seek out the cd.

1. What was the first record or song to ever inspire either one of you that you wanted to be musicians?

Ev Gold: “Appetite for Destruction” by Guns N Roses really lit my fire as a kid. It was defiant. It was dangerous. It was aggressive. It had curse words! It didn’t sound like anything else in the world to my little 9 year old ears. It lead me to so many other essential early influences (Sex Pistols, Black Sabbath, The Rolling Stones, Queen)… it was DEF the 1st piece of music i heard that motivated me to say, “I wanna do this”.

Paul Claro: I remember hearing a cassette tape of “Born to Run” by Springsteen when I was really young and it always got me excited. That was the first album I knew all the words to as a child and it made me want to seek out more music. As far as what inspired me to become a drummer, “Won’t Get Fooled Again” (by The Who) was a song I couldn’t help but air drum to. Keith Moon will always be one of my idols.

2. If music did not pan out, what was the backup plan?

EG: Music is the “back-up plan”…it’s always been the only plan. It’s the reality. Its yr. life if yr. an artist. Once you discover yr purpose in this life, to live in any other fashion then in full pursuit of it is to do a disservice to whatever created you and blessed you with those gifts & talents. Whatever side jobs or day jobs that have to be worked along the way are just a small and essential part of the experience, they dignify you further…you learn small lessons from everywhere possible that help you further create yr art.

3. How would you describe the Cinema Cinema sound to someone who never heard your music before?

PC: Very raw and emotional …and wholly original.

EG: Freaked out & fucked up. I never say, “Check us out, you’ll dig it!” I usually warn people, “We aren’t like what you may have been trained to come to expect a band to be”. In a word, intense.

4. Your new record which fucking rocks by the way, you were working with legend Don Zientara who has quite the background in underground and indie music. What was that experience like?

EG: An absolute blast. A very comfortable vibe. Total hand in glove. I can picture making many more recordings with Don. He is a calming presence. We got to live inside Inner Ear for over a week. It was holy and he is a high priest.

PC: It was everything I could have ever hoped for. Don’s genius lies within his innate ability to bring the most creative elements of your being to the forefront. Then he gives you free range to create.

5. This is what we call music association, we give you a cd and you tell us what is on your mind.

a.Cinema Cinema-Shoot the Freak

EG: A release that i am proud of. A good decision that we made as a band. We knew that releasing the full 13 song, 80 minute album (MANIC CHILDREN & THE SLOW AGGRESSION, released earlier this year – in JULY 2012) was going to be just too much for people to ingest, let alone digest in this day of instant culture and iTunes singles, etc. So we took 3 of the songs thatfit together well and re-mastered they’re endings and starting points (on the full length, almost all the songs bleed into each other as part of a continuous movement.. on the EP each song has its own start and end) – and we just dropped it FREE and blasted it everywhere we could – letting people know that “the following preview was approved for all audiences” kind of… ya know, like – here’s a 15 minute taste of the monster record we did at Inner Ear with Don Z – you like??, then come back and buy the record in 6 to 8 months.. – And we did dates behind it for that duration of time.. Building up to the full length. – It was a smart plan and i am glad we decided to do so. We released it in OCT 2011…& it’s still a FREE DOWNLOAD at:

B.Fugazi-In on the Kill Taker

EG: Life changing for me personally. The 1st Fugazi record i ever heard. I was 15. Very impressionable and totally blown away. My obsession to record at Inner Ear and work with Don Zientara started with this record.

c.White Stripes-Elephant

EG: Not their best in my opinion.. but “Ball & Biscuit” works no matter what time you put it on. Jack White is real deal in almost any of his musical exploits.


EG: Songwriting. Songwriting. Songwriting. It seems this album didn’t just come out in 1991, it was here all along.

6. Do you guys still get nervous before preforming shows?

EG: No. We get really excited. Overjoyed is a better term.

7.What would be your dream tour to play on?

PC: We joke that we would love to open for RUSH…maybe it’s not a joke that would be beyond a dream come true. But more realistically, I would love to play with Swans or Mogwai.

8. Do you think the internet killed the music industry?

PC: In some ways yes. But only for bands that are looking to sell millions of records. Many smaller bands who were unknown before the boom of the internet have found some success through diehard fans connecting throughout the years. I constantly see bands reunited because they see a demand for their music via the internet. It killed off the “old” version of the industry at least… but then created a new version in its place.

9. You are doing a cd signing, (gents these never go well trust me) and a fan comes up to you excited to meet you, says they are one of your biggest fans and wants you to sign their cd. They pull out an illegal
burn of your latest cd, what would you say or do?

EG: Although I think it may be a tad brazen for someone to bring a burned copy of the music to a signing… I would be glad they spent their time coming and waiting to get something signed and also that they spend their time at home with the music I helped to create so I would sign it and suggest they maybe buy a t-shirt next time they see us play live.

10. What was the last cd you had to rush out and buy on the first day?

PC: Ev and I saw a RUSH concert that played on the big screen in a movie theater in NYC in late October of last year..and it was amazing. Shortly after, I found out the CD version was coming out a few days later, so I had to have it day of!

EG: The new John Frusciante solo stuff that just came out. I am a big fan of his and always stay up on what he is doing. I tracked it down in an actual record store in NYC, yes – they still exist in some parts!!

11. They tell us that the music industry is in a slump right now. Music just does not sell anymore they say. Why is it that pop and rap still cannot stay on the shelves at stores then? Doesn’t it puzzle you just a little that a certain genre is still selling by the millions?

EG: The mainstream and the industry that supports it and supplies its products will always find a way to push along a package that sells in the pop category. It’s just a simple scientific formula for them.
Unfortunately, most (not all!) rap nowadays is made for mass appeal and fits that pop mold as well.. so they are still selling regardless, just like sugar cookies will always have a market. There is Hip Hop today, like the stuff that Brother Ali makes or Death Grips or Das Racist, which is bringing valid contributions to the table and not just for mainstream profit.. I had to add that as i did not want to just “sell rap down the river” cause i am some hardcore rock/punk dude.. I have respect for Hip Hop across the board.

12. You know we are mainly a horror film site, so are you guy’s fans of horror? If so, name some titles?

PC: BIG fan of zombie movies (love the Walking Dead on TV too) but I’ve always loved “Evil Dead”. Claymation rules.

EG: “The Shining” stands alone for me. Stanley Kubrick is the man. Another really freaky one i recall was “The Serpent & the Rainbow”.. spooky.

13. Would you guys ever think about expanding the band? Like doing this as a 3 piece or 4?

EG: Nope. We love being a two piece and are still discovering brand new things/sounds each and every time we play together. We pride ourselves on being just two men, cousins, out here going for it and working hard together. We will remain a two piece always.

14. Every band that has that one CD that music fans will always identify them with. Do you think your band has made their career defining cd yet?

PC: I hope we never make that album. I think we’ll always be in a process of growth. We have a style that we base our process of creating around, but we’re always finding new ways to expand it.

15.You have played a few shows, have you been on any tours that you felt the band or bands you were with, treated you unfairly or were dicks? If so, you want to dish some dirt and name drop them this is your chance to get it off your chest.

EG: When we only have nasty things to say, we choose to not say them at all. We are happy for all the opportunities we have gotten to play and tour and do our thing and try our best to pay it fwd and onward to others in all ways. If you want a funny or good or tasty story, just come to Brooklyn or the Lower East Side of Manhattan and go to a show… you can check the per capita average of “dicks” there are in the NYC/BK scene for yrself.

16. What is the greatest cd ever, beside your band’s music?

EG: Rock For Light by Bad Brains
PC: Black Love by the Afghan Whigs

17. Do you think magazines like Rolling Stone, Spin and AP are out of touch with music these days? Do you still read any of these or have you?

PC: I don’t find myself reading them as often as I used to. Rolling Stone particularly sucks. I don’t need to know what Steven Tyler and Lady Gaga did for summer vacation.

EG: They are advertising rags leaving breadcrumbs for a consumer trail.

18.You know being musicians, that part of the deal is that people are going to give you feedback. Do you read all the press that you guys get? If so, does the bad stuff upset you?

PC: Of course I read it all. I try to be open minded about it and not let it get to me or effect what I do in the band. Most of the reviews have generally been pretty positive…even the ones that don’t “get it” still
appreciate it…so i guess in some respect we have had some good luck on that side of things.

19. Let’s be honest, the music industry is supposedly hurting right now as is every other industry. Do you think it is fair for bands to charge the fans for a concert ticket, and then get them to buy some merch, then
pay money on top of that to do a meet and greet? Do you think this may be asking too much?

EG: I can’t say what is fair for other bands to do as far as how to conduct their own business. I know that I would like to get to a point where Cinema Cinema could offer a FREE DOWNLOAD of the show you came to see with the price of purchase for yr ticket at some point in the future. So you have the show you saw to enjoy again or analyze, etc…and charging an extra few dollars for the live show would be justified somewhat. I mean, in reality – bands do NOT make $ off of the Album releases anymore… so they HAVE to charge for the live experience. Now, i do NOT agree with priced meet and greets, that seems a tad unfair.. I will pay to see you play, but pay to say hello?? that is a low brow cash-grab in my opinion.

20. Do you view places like iTunes and WalMart as music stores?

PC: Not at all! There’s nothing like going to a real music store or record shop..ya know! Out in the real world and digging around to find some hidden treasures.

EG: I agree with Paul on this 100%. Itunes and Walmart are not and will never be CD shops or record stores… places where you can lose yrself for hours and find magic. Itunes and Walmart are the express lane to yr credit card/consumer persona. They tell you what to buy upon yr arrival and then you follow the instructions. No thanks.

21. Now that you have some cds under your belt, does it get any easier to go into the studio and work on music?

PC: Our writing process has become such a focused, streamlined thing. We practice often enough so that when it comes time to record..we are more than ready. Being properly prepared is the main thing to executing in the studio.

22. This is the end of the interview, many thanks to both of you. So this is your chance to plug away promote and tell people all they need to know!

EG: Thank you so much for spending some time with us reading this… our new record, MANIC CHILDREN & the SLOW AGGRESSION is avail as a pay what you want DOWNLOAD here:

the hard copies are avail at our shows and we will be on tour forever..check here for all upcoming details and dates: