The Top 10 Soundtracks of all time-James Picks

This month at the Channel, the top ten was determined by the lovely and talented goddess of vhs Rebekah Herzberg. God, this is a hard list to think about. The top 10 soundtracks, when you think about it honestly, this list cannot be done. Now if we are talking about songs like Tender Years from Eddie and the Cruisers, Don’t You (forget about me) off the Breakfast Club and so many others were such timeless classic songs that could be in my top ten singles list, but as far as soundtracks as a whole they were not that great, and one or two songs do not constitute a great soundtrack. If Chocolate War had a soundtrack that would have topped this list easily, but since that was not an option this was a hard list, that I hope all of you enjoy. The sad part to this list, that there really has not been a soundtrack in the last 15 years that really had me thinking it was top ten worthy.

10. Purple Rain-Prince. This is where I am supposed to talk about why I chose this cd, why it made my list. But come on, how can you not list Purple Rain as an amazing soundtrack, I think if you were a child of the 80’s, you heard this whole cd on the radio hourly and while the film is what it is, the soundtrack is amazing and showcased Prince at his very best.

9.Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey-Various. I remember buying the cassette and starting off with Slaughter and Winger, and having to not admit to my friends that I dug what they did on this. This is quite possibly some of the best music either one of them two did. And then you have Megadeth Go to Hell, and Faith No More Perfect Crime that really are incredible. Then, you have the upstart acts like Neverland who were very cool, but Love on Ice who really was the stars of this show. As a whole this cd is just a fun listen, and from start to finish is really worth seeking out.

8. Leatherface:Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3-Various. This list was hard especially when it comes to metal. Judgment Night, The Buffy film soundtrack with a rare recording of the original Fight with Rob and Dimebag doing Light comes out of black, The Crow with The Badge one of my fave Pantera songs, Strangelands, Last Action Hero, Supercop with the Dime solo song, this barely won because it is such an amazing cd to me you have the theme song done by one of my fave bands Laaz Rocket, you have Bored by Death Angel, One Nation by Sacred Reich and Wrath and so much other great 80’s stuff. If you are a metal fan, this is quite the cd and such a reflection of 80’s metal and what I loved about it.

7. Pretty in Pink-Various. I have to be honest, I was dating this brainy girl in school and when we went on a date one night, we went to see Pretty in Pink and I remember her getting into the music and I bought us both a copy of this cassette, and I think I got into more than she did. I am a huge Psychedelic Furs fan, and I love the title track to this film a lot. You got Ms. Luka herself Suzanne Vega doing Left of Center, Inxs doing Do what you do, OMD if you leave and so much more, John Hughes knew how to put together a soundtrack. This cd comes across like a love letter from my high school years, that still today I listen to all the time.

Number 6 is a tie…

6.Trick or Treat-Fastway. I remember going to the AMC Midnight Movie express to see Trick or Treat, and the second we left I had to have this soundtrack. Why is this film not on a proper dvd or blu ray release by now? I think this cd should have been so much bigger for such a great band like Fastway, but now when I listen to Flogging Molly, I can tell people, hey that is the dude who sang for Sami Kerr. I know Skippy from Family Ties is not a big star, so why has Lorber not released this film on blu ray, and not the cheap ass 5 dollar that has the bobo picture, and the quality is worse than the beta transfer. About the soundtrack, After Midnight, Trick or Treat, Tear Down the Walls, and the whole cd is just one loud anthem to the loyalists of metal. If you have any metal cred, you own this cd, or you know the songs very well. This cd I have owned since 86, and it is still on regular rotation on my iPod.

6.Pulp Fiction-Various. This soundtrack is a unique of old school country, surf and alternative. Urge Overkill’s cover of Girl you’ll be a woman soon by Neil Diamond was the shock, I never thought I could warm up to this song until I watched the film for my very first time. Pulp Fiction to me is what I would call a perfect film, and I have to say the same about the music in the film. This is a cd that when I listen to it, I recall when I first watched Pulp Fiction and how blown away I was, and had to go watch it at the theater 10 more times, and on home video and blu ray another 10 or so. And each time it ends, we have to listen to the soundtrack. This is the companion piece to the film, they go hand in hand.

5.Heavy Metal-Various. I will go on record, send your hate mail but the 2000 soundtrack was awful and so uninspired. How can you go wrong in my youth, you had hard rock and a cartoon that had nudity. This soundtrack is another bible to metal fans that I do not need to sell to anyone. And Sammy Hagar fans if you want to hear when Sammy had his balls, listen to this cd his version of Heavy Metal is one of his best songs. Don Felder doing his version of Heavy Metal (taking a ride) still till this day is such an amazing song, you have BOC, Devo, Sabbath, and etc. How can you not list this cd in this list? And for the record, Felder next time you check our site, I been on that ride since my early youth and still on it.

4. Forrest Gump-Various. Address all hate email to…You are a metal head, and cover Neurosis and Soilent Green and all that fun stuff, and you list Heavy Metal below Forrest Gump? I despise this film, I will admit I have seen it, ( if I even tried to deny I know a few who will love to front me) but the film to me stuck with me so much after leaving the theater, that I had to buy the soundtrack. I am a music fan, and I loved the 60’s and 70’s, especially a lot of the protest music that was coming out. I mean, I was a baby and my mother exposed me to Jefferson Airplane, my sister used to play me Joan Baez, Buffalo Springfield and etc. and it all stuck with me and to hear this cd sounded like a soundtrack of my little kid days. This cd is perfect and not a bad song on it. I mean to be a music fan this is a dictionary of what music truly is to me, and my roots are firmly all over the map that I can listen to a band like Slayer and want to listen to Janis after and then Chopin.

3.Saturday Night Fever-Various. Another film I despise, but a soundtrack that I think is so fucking amazing. Where soundtracks like Singles, were a sign of the time at that time and what we were going thru in terms of popular music, this cd is also a sign of the times for the 70’s and the disco era. I am a major Bee Gees fan, and to me 1976 thru 1979 all you got was Debbie Boone You Light up my life, some three chords punk that tried to be revolutionary but most sucked up to corporate America and then disco. I mean I lived in a small section of New York, that did not have a music scene and when I moved to Alabama, I lived in an isolated part called Semmes, we barely had a school bus much less a music scene. We had to listen to radio, and this is what radio played. Now when we started to get cable in 79, music changed and I got to see shows like Night Flight and Top of the Pops, but I still loved Saturday Night Fever.

2.Dudes-Various. The soundtrack from the 1987 Jon Cryer, Flea and Lee Ving film, that also has yet to have a proper dvd or blu ray release. This soundtrack has Megadeth, W.A.S.P, but that is not what caught my attention. Fucking Leather Nun, Jesus Came Driving Along, I love the Leather Nun, they were my Sisters of Mercy before Floodlands came out. And the demo of a band that would be one of my favorite bands from 87 to 91, till they sold out and became shit, Jane’s Addiction. They do a version of the Mountain Song that was unreleased. And the Vandals do a version of Urban Struggle that was unreleased as well, which to me is one of the greatest songs ever. Time Forgot you by the Lethal Weapon which is amazing, and Keel doing the Rock and Roll Outlaw, and etc. This cd came out a year before the film, so to listen to this in 86 a year before the release made the film so much better for me. God, did I bug the music store daily for the Jane’s Addiction Nothing Shocking cd till it finally came out. To see Jon Cryer with Flea in a mosh pit to the Vandals, is worth watching this film again. How do I remember this when I have not seen this film in almost 23 years, the soundtrack is amazing but the film, I have it on beta, anyone have a working beta machine to give me?

1.Sid and Nancy-Various. This is the film about the final days of Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen. Haunted by the Pogues with Cait O’Riordan on vocals, to me is such an incredible song. There are very few songs in this world that really get to me and make me cry, this song is just so haunting and beautiful, that it speaks out about doomed love and I know when I was making mix tapes in the early 90’s this song was on any girl’s that I made. Joe Strummer who fronted The Clash, does the title track Love Kills and it captures the mood of the film and soundtrack. The words Love Kills which was all over the original theatrical poster was the original title to the film. Gary Oldman playing Sid Vicious is one thing, and he ruled. But, when he is on the soundtrack singing like Sid, it is almost unreal. I know people thought I would have this or that in this list, but I will be honest my whole top ten well 11 technically, I have owned all of them for at least 20 years or close, and they still get played all the time in my iPod. I mean Sid and Nancy I bought on cd in 1987, and here we are in 2012 and this cd sounds better today than 70 percent of what comes out.