The Collection Volume 5 is coming and this time it is Zombie…

Welcome to The Collective… V.5!

The one of a kind short film collection featuring

10 short films all based on the same theme is back

and this time the dead have taken over.

Out to prove that the zombie genre isn’t over, it’s just overdone,

The Collective V.5 features 10 short films with a

new and interesting take on the undead.

The films range from intimate to insane with each filmmaker

putting their own unique twist on the idea.

The films featured on The Collective V.5

provide something Hollywood hasn’t had in a long time, heart.

These filmmakers stand as proof

that it doesn’t take a huge budget to make a great film,

it only requires a huge imagination.

Welcome to The Collective V.5

Undead Edition

The Collective V.5 will make its debut at

Days of the Dead Chicago on November 17th 2012.

The Collective will have a vendor table set up at the show

and some of the filmmakers involved will be in attendance

to meet fans and discuss their films.

The World Premiere screening will be

November 17h at 9:30 pm.

There will be a Q&A with the filmmakers involved following the screening.

Click the banner or visit

for more info

The Collective and Days of the Dead are working together to shine a light on

the best up and coming independent horror filmmakers in the scene.

Often overlooked by other conventions,

independent and no budget filmmakers are creating the most

interesting and unique films today.

Days of the Dead recognizes this talent and has gone out of its way to prove it.

By providing screenings and discount vendor tables for artists and filmmakers,

they have introduced fans to a whole new crop of talented individuals.

We are proud of this relationship and hope to continue working with Days of

the Dead in the future.


Beginning November 16th 2012 The Collective V.5 will be

available through the websites of the filmmakers involved as

well as many online retailers.

Contact Jason Hoover at for a full list of online retailers.


Reviewer quotes

“The Collective is what independent genre filmmaking should be. It’s original,

fresh, sometimes scary and always keeps your attention.”

Jude Felton

The Lair of Filth

“Fans of indie horror or those who simply want to do what you can to support

indie filmmakers will definitely want to get ahold of this stellar example of

ultra-indie filmmaking.”

Richard Propes

The Independent Critic

“If you have not seen The Collective yet, you are truly missing out on some

indie genius gold.”

James DePaolo

Wicked Channel

“These 10 films have something that very few studio films possess…….heart.”

Scott Ruth

D’Ment’D Cinema

“This is filmmaking the way it was always meant to be.

For the love of the art.”

Scott Ruth

D’Ment’D Cinema

“The Collective is an excellent release that

I wholeheartedly recommend to fans of quality independent cinema.”

Jude Felton

The Lair of Filth

“The Collective is an all-around terrific shorts collection

and the various shorts featured contain elements that are

humorous, disturbing, surreal, and creepy.”

Mario Dominick

Horror Society

“If you can’t find something to love about this set of short films

then you might as well quit watching movies.”

Jason Schneeberger

Beyond the Realms

The Filmmakers featured in The Collective V.5 are


The Dead Things Outside Your Door pt. 1 & 2


Melding together Ec comics, reanimated corpses, black comedy and extreme weather,

The Dead Things Outside Your Door tells the

story of One guy who wants to be left the hell alone, two hillbillies,

a drug pusher and an ex girlfriend who all

find themselves butting heads after the worst extreme weather outbreak in midwest history.

As bad as things are they’re about to get worse when the recently dead start to come back.

Filmmaker Bio

Graphik13 Films is an Iowa based Independent Film company specializing in

low budget horror, suspense and fun filled graphic violence.


Dead Moines (2008)- writer, editor, director

Whistling Past the Graveyard (2011)- writer, editor, director

Snapcase (2011)- writer, editor, director

House of the Unspeakable (2011) (Faux trailer for Post Mortem America 2021)- writer, editor,


The Pumpkin Smashers On Lovecraft Lane (2012)- writer, editor, director

The Dead Things Outside your Door (2012)- writer, editor, director

Marauders (2012)- Actor

Liberty or Death Productions


Spooky Stuff – The Zombie File


James Mannan and Robbin Panet,

hosts of the web series “Spooky Stuff” spend a day (and a night)

in search of zombies in Indiana.

Filmmaker Bio

James Mannan

Jim is the Founder and Executive Producer for Liberty or Death Productions. He directed the LOD

feature To Haunt You and the LOD short films Wannabe and The Burial. He also co-directed the

shorts Hallows’ Dance and Zracne Vile with Robbin Panet, and was also editor and producer for the

short Fertility 2.0.

Film credits away from LOD include creating makeup and effects for the Cinephreak Pictures feature

Shade of Grey and short Foxxy Madonna vs The Black Death (both 2006), Karmic Courage

Productions’ Loss (also 2006), and Finn Productions’ Obsidian Nights. He worked on compositing and

sound editing and was associate producer for Pink and Blue Films’ W the Movie (Best Experimental

Film, 2009 New York International Independent Film and Video Festival.)

Acting credits for film include W the Movie, LOD’s Zracne Vile and Asylum Productions’ Creeporia

and Elizabeth. Most recently he has appeared in Alfred Eaker’s Requiem for the Relentless Fathers, a

co-production between Liberty or Death Productions and Eaker Productions as the biblical prophet


Robbin Panet

Robbin was Co-Producer and Assistant Director on the LOD projects To Haunt You (in which she also

played the role of Colleen) and Wannabe, and was the DOP on the short The Burial. Recent credits

include playing The Witch in Stations, a co-production between LOD and director Alfred Eaker,

starring in and co-directing the surrealist shorts “9”, and First Friday, and serving as DOP on the erotic

ghost story The Longing. She is also the co-producer and co-star of LOD’s web series Spooky Stuff.

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