Television Show Review-Holliston: The Complete First Season

I am a fan of cable television and on demand as well to offer us original programming. While fans may bitch about the quality of films horror puts out, we all agree that the television shows are really worth bragging about. FearNet has decided to also unleash some original concepts as well. This is nothing new for them they had the 6 part Zombie Roadkill little show that was fun, Todd and the Pure Book of Evil that is really a great show and now Holliston. Holliston is the work of Joe Lynch and Adam Green, who many of us genre fans are very familiar with and our love/hate relationship of their films. The premise of this show plays off like a sitcom, with the premise of each episode as well as the canned studio audience laughing and clapping. How much one person can like this show is all about how much one person can tolerate some of the antics and offerings they provide. The premise of the show is that Adam and Joe are two horror film hopefuls who want to be major; also part of this cast is Dee Snider who is a mockery of his 80’s self as their hair metal lead singer boss and also Oderus from Gwar as Adam’s imaginary alien friend. Also along for the ride are Joe’s adorable fucked up girlfriend Laura, and we also get Corri who is Adam’s ex and the one he could not seem to get over.

While the concept for the most part does work, I just felt for 40 plus minutes each episode was too long. The show offers some very dark humor at times which was fun, but at others it felt like it was trying to be a serious sitcom. You have two minds here who everyone claims are the future of this industry and this is what they come up with? I am starting to think Joe Lynch was a one trick pony with Wrong Turn 2. Dee Snider mocking his legacy and image was funny, and at times made me look silly for being a fan of that scene, which I loved a lot. I like the premise that they host a late night cable show but the dialogue they share during the segments on television just came across as lazy. It was not funny or even thought provoking. The jokes on this show while there are a lot, most of them do not work not even with the fake studio laughter. You get some guest appearances on these episodes, which I do not want to spoil the fun for you guys. Some of the appearances work and some felt like distractions from the dialogue and script.

I hate that I am not part of the loyal and faithful on this show just yet. I like what this show offers in terms of just insanity, I just hate it tried so hard to be something it was not. That is why Todd and the Pure Book of Evil works so much, because it takes a premise and works inside the perimeter of it and knows what it wants to be. This show wants to be everything for everyone, and it should have just tried to be something to itself. I am an Adam Green fan; I love Frozen and took a lot of abuse for it. I like Hatchet and Hatchet II, I liked Spiral. Wrong Turn 2 was the best in the franchise to me, so I am not a Joe Lynch hater either. I was excited when I heard about this pairing, and either I expected too much from it, or it was not too much to begin with. I am not sure but either way, I know I would give the second season a chance to see if it can get better.

6 out of 10