Short Review-Rocco

I just watched this 9 minute short directed by Jacob Cooney called Rocco. The film starts off with this character named Nathan talking to his mom on the phone, right from the get go you sense with this guy that there is a strong chance he may have some issues. Well, a knock on his door all of a sudden happens and when he goes to see what it is, no one is there. So, life is normal till the knock happens again, yet again no one is at the door but this time when he comes in the house and on his kitchen floor there is a small chest. Of course, curiosity gets the best of him and he opens it and out comes this spectrum of light that travels to his child hood friend Rocco. This puppet comes to life and the stuff and dialogue that go on from there is just twilight zone. It is eerie yet puzzling, there is a hidden message to all this and when you learn what it is, the true beauty of this short is revealed.

I really loved this short a lot; it created a mood and kept an atmosphere and pace that really worked so well, the acting was creepy with a hint of mental. The only negative is that it ended so soon, I would have loved to see this story stretch out and keep us guessing and trying to figure it out. The beauty of this was it was so simple, yet so effective. I have no details as of right now about distribution or if this is playing any fests, but I will say this at 9 minutes packs quite the punch and was really a good watch, that if you have any horror cons or fests you attend, you may want to ask them to get this. You will not be letdown.

8 out of 10