Short Movie Review-Minnesota Nice

Minnesota Nice is a 22 minute short that is loosely based on a true story. As the film opens we see a man dragging what appears to be a dead body across some grass and then a cop car pulling up and chasing him. From this opening sequence we cut into a bar called The Red Diamond, in this bar we meet Raymond who is sitting their drinking with his sister in law Miriam. Right from the opening seconds of this conversation we know this is not going to be a good meeting. They talk about a plan to convince Raymond’s older brother Bill to sell his land which is worth a ton of money. Also, during this conversation we start to think that there may be more to this brother and sister in law then we see on the surface, as Miriam is using the word we a lot and talking about more than scamming her husband. Well, the plan seems easy enough Raymond asks one of his friends to pose as a banker to force Bill to sell the land, but when the plan fails things take a turn for the worst.

This is directed by Gregg Holtgrewe the director of the Dawning, and this little film for the 22 minutes packs quite the punch. From the acting to the script, this film really was something for everyone. The action sequences were well shot, and almost poetic to a point. Like a scene that I will not go into detail about because it will spoil a twist to the film, but when one of Bill’s friends comes over to the house and sees Bill, leads to a scene that was really neat and shocked me that Gregg pulled it off so well. The camera shots in this film felt like a silent character, because the cinematography in this film was really well done. I know people are divided on The Dawning, but I know people will not be so divided on this one. This one is just straight forward who is who crime noir. And just when you think you figured out this film; leave it to Gregg to come up with a ending scenario that really paints a different picture for what you just thought you figured out. All in all, I wish it was longer and the characters were more drawn out but for a short it was nothing short of fun. Just when you thought it was safe to go to Minnesota, first you have log cabins in the woods with spirits, and now you have families who try to swindle each other. What a good postcard to visit this state. My special thanks to Gregg for letting me see this film, and trusting me that whether I liked it or hated it, just to say what I want to say and still respect me.

8 out of 10