Short Film Review-Split the Check

This is not meant as a knock on anyone, but when you think of one person who consistently delivers on short films there is only one true name that heads this class and it is Patrick Rea. His shorts have played many festivals and conventions and people have been very vocal and praise worthy of the man. So much so, that Patrick last year gave us his feature length film Nailbiter, which if you are a fan of Hitchcock and the old school days of horror, where more is implied then witnessed you would love this film as well. Well Patrick gave me his latest I guess, Split the Check and let me tell you this 7 minute dark as all hell comedy was nothing short of brilliant. Basically you have 3 couples who are all so friendly to each other and cordial, until it comes time to pay the dinner bill. The waiter informs the couples that he cannot split the check that they have to pay the lump sum, and that is when tensions between the 6 people hit a high. From the sharp and cutting edge humor to just how bad this situation gets, this short was nothing short of brilliant. The final outcome of who really pays the check, has so much horror goodness to it, you get some cool kills for a 7 minute short. Where most people would hold back and not give so much to people, Patrick packs all he can in this little bite and any movie fan would have fun with this film. I hope when Nailbiter hits dvd next May, that fans get the chance to experience this man and his genius, but lord knows someone needs to release all his shorts on dvd in one big collection. Do not believe just me on the Rea hype, look all around facebook and listen to what people say at festivals, no one wins award after award from sucking, unless they are journalists. The man has major talent and if you have yet to experience it, you may want to seek it out.

9.5 out of 10