Movie Review-RVBX: Ten Years of Red vs. Blue Box Set —Red vs. Blue Season 10—The Best Red vs. Blue DVD. Ever. Of All Time

For most Americans, right now is the time of the year that we start going to stores and getting our holiday presents for our loved ones and friends. And the people at New Video decided to make the shopping this year really fun for some, and release a lot of Red vs. Blue titles. Some of you may ask what is Red vs. Blue well let me explain it to you, just so you will know if maybe someone in your family or circle of life is someone you would want to buy this for. Red vs. Blue or as diehard fans call it RvB is created by Rooster Teeth Productions who are responsible for Halo, it is a comic science fiction video series that got noticed first on the internet and then got really popular on dvd, so much so they have made it to ten seasons. The story of RvB basically centers around two different teams of soldiers fighting like a civil war or something in the middle of a box canyon named Blood Gulch. This is basically a parody of the video games that have first person shooters. And does a pretty good mocking of military life, and science fiction films.

So, the first offering that New Video is offering is a 14 disc box set that chronicles this show from its beginnings in 2003 to currently. You get this web series from its humble start all the way to currently. The dvd will run you around 130.00 and the blu ray which will run you around 165.00. Make no mistake about it this is everything you ever wanted on the show with the blu ray featuring newly remastered surround sound audio, plus additional videos and miniseries, hours of special features, interviews, behind-the-scenes footage and much more. All this is available on November 6th.

So, we have seasons 1 thru 9 and really cannot afford the price tag on the box set. Fear not, next week Season 10 will be available on blu ray as well. Season 9 we were left with the story of Project Freelancer, and in this season we watch the story from the beginning and how things went so wrong. We witness the origins of the series villains and their heroes, and we also reflect on their histories and the allegiances and betrayals. And, for the RvB fan this could be the perfect stocking stuffer of a gift.

You read all this and it sounds like Greek, you are not really sure if you are a fan of this or not. Well fear not, they have released a best of and it is under 10.00, and I think Amazon even has it lower than 5.00 so this would be a good test to see if you could get into this series or that this is what someone in your family would want. Red vs Blue, or RvB is definitely something the gaming person in your family would really love to own, as I have my own gaming nerd and I know she loves this show very much. All in all, it is the holiday season and this may be something you may think about investing in.