Music Review-Nordheim-Lost in the North


1. Lost In The North

2. Nightborn

3. Far Away

4. Beer, Metal, Trolls And Vomit!

5. Promise To The Gods

6. Glorious March

7. Sailing The Drakkar

8. Old Crazy Man

9. Beyond The Howling North

10. Blessing From the Stars


Warraxe – Vocals and Rythm Guitars
Fred – Lead Guitars
BenFok – Bass and Back Vocals
Thom – Keyboard
Lukas – Drum

Review-I am starting to learn a new term in music, Viking Metal. Where I always considered this some kind of heavy progression, it was brought up to me today they call this Viking Metal. Nordheim hails from Canada, and I am not sure about the Viking Metal scene in Canada, but one thing is for sure this is a band that has some potential. From the press release that was sent to me, I learned that this cd was originally self-released around mid-2010. I will do this a little different let’s start off with the negatives, because this will explain the cd more to you guys. The first two songs are weak and do not instantly grab my attention or inspire me to even want to keep going with this cd. Far Away Track 3 sounds like Equilibrium influenced, and I love the epic crunch to the guitars and the melodic folk with a bounce power metal groove and a synth to make the song even more impressive. From there they go into Beer, Metal, Trolls And Vomit which you know you won’t be able to take serious, this sounds like a drunken Irish pub playing polka to death metal. This song defines the majority of this cd it is ok to a point, but it really does nothing to keep your attention.

The rest of the cd ranges from mid to fair with a few standouts which will we get to in a second , but beside those moments nothing else really stuck out with me and it just came across as just another band that sounds like that other band. This was not a bad debut record, and I think with a few more listens I may get it, some songs may grow on me eventually, but considering before this review I listened to this cd all the way three times, not sure how many times I have to keep listening to let this sound and cd catch on. I wish Far Away was the standard to which this cd tried to be or achieve, that song on its own could recommend this cd, it really is a song that showed me promise of a band that will be big someday, just not today or with this cd. I also did like Beyond the Howling North as well, and Blessing from the Stars has some potential, those were also highlights. It is hard to hate this cd, because it has so much potential, I am hoping that they try to break out of the pack with their next record and not try to be consumed by the pack.

7 out of 10