Music Review-Vision of Disorder-The Cursed Remain Cursed


Tim Williams
Matt Baumbach
Mike Kennedy
Mike Fleischmann
Brendon Cohen

01. Loveless
02. Set to Fail
03. Blood Red Sun
04. Hard Times
05. Annihilator
06. Skullz Out (Rot In Pieces)
07. The Enemy
08. The Seventh Circle
09. New Order of Ages
10. Be Up On It
11. Heart And Soul

Review-Am I the only person who thinks Vision of Disorder is an underrated band? I remember when Imprint came out in the late 90’s and this band was supposed to be the second coming. Well, here we are at album 5 and the first cd in almost 11 years, and I am here to tell you that VOD are back, and they are bringing back hardcore metal from the slump it has been on in the ashes of their absence. If there is a category this year for best comeback cd, this would win hands down, quite possibly the best comeback cd in at least the last decade. The scary thing is when I read the press release the first words that caught my eyes were “more mature” and “modern sounding”. I thought that was the death nail like it was like for Spineshank and their cd this year, but this band play more passionately and aggressive that non-believers will bow and believe. Skullz Out is part of that new maturity and while it does come across as commercial, it sounds like The Refused meets Quicksand, and it worked. The chorus was sing-a-long but the mid-point of the song they go old school Imprint with the heavy riffs and vocals, but they end it the same way it started. What a shock song, that it is so pop radio friendly but does not feel like it was made for that purpose, especially with the subject matter of the song.

One thing for sure while listening to this cd it just reeks with disgust with them not getting the credit they deserve and I feel this fuels the fire that keeps this cd just so powerful and hard edged. This is just a straight forward metal album, and actually feels like the true follow up to Imprint. Where I feel Imprint was a cd that was ahead of its time on a scene that did not know how to embrace or handle it, this cd feels like it is long overdue. The guitars and vocals on this cd go back and forth from hardcore to metal, and the music hits such a balance that creates such an excitement and power, that you will find yourself getting into this and not even realizing it. If this cd came out say 12 years earlier would the scene have changed and tried to follow the leader? I really hope this cd is the start of more from VOD, lord knows this metal scene needs more bands like them. All in all, this was a really good cd that I think will like more and more as the more I listen to it. Welcome back, you have been so missed.

8.5 out of 10