Music Review-The Love Below-Every Tongue Shall Caress

Track Listing
1.High Friends In Low Places
2. Family Entertainment
3. Nazi Uniform
4. Buyer’s Remorse
5. God Don’t Make No Trash
6. Uncomfortable
7. Rotten Fruit From A Shitty Tree
8. Holy Dose
9. Social Fuck Disease
10. High Performance Lifestyle
11.Pedophiles Basement
12.Xanax Pinata
13.Swallow The Leader

Review-This is Hardcore 2012, heavy, aggressive, raw energy, a passionate filth and most of all talent. This is 13 songs in about 22 minutes, so beside song 13 all the songs get right to the point. This cd has tones of bands from the 90’s like Converge and Refused, the growl to the vocals with the slow and heavy riffs just are so incredible, the bad part is when the songs start to get going they end without warning just a stop. At times he does the crying vocals then goes to the screams and growls, that if you are into hardcore you have heard so many times before but the musicianship that backs him up really makes this style seem so fresh while being anything but. It ventures into a sludge hardcore sound with a ton of dynamics in the songs. This cd seems to be the perfect message to a bad day, just blare this in your headphones and face the world and tell it to fuck off. If you are not a follower of Hardcore, this may be a good start for you it is the best of that world with some metal thrown in as well.

I want to see what is in the future for this band, and I would love to see if they can evolve and take this sound to new heights with their future releases. But for now, this is a pretty amazing record that does not overstay its welcome, gets to the point, kicks your ass and gets the fuck out. If you are a fan of Hardcore, you already own this there is just no way you would let this cd pass you by, but if you are new to this field of music, this may be a good way to start.

8 out of 10