Music Review-Talk Normal-Sunshine

Release Date: October 23, 2012

Track Listing:
01. Lone General
02. XO
03. Bad Date
04. Sunshine
05. Hot Water Burns
06. Shot This Time
07. Cover
08. Baby Your Hearts Too Big
09. Hurricane

Talk Normal is Sarah Register and Andrya Ambro


Review-Sunshine is Talk Normal’s follow up to their incredible debut record Sugarland, that sees the band not really straying away from what turned fans onto them in 2009. I am not sure whether I would label this type of music as experimental or art rock, but one thing is for sure it is pretty fucking incredible. This band sounds like if Karen O was the lead singer of Teenage Jesus and the Jerks and Lydia Lunch was the back-up vocals instead. The title Sunshine is such a great definition of what this music provides, it sparkles with melodies and rhythms, from feedback-drenched guitar work to a sound that seems inspired by the art rock scene of the 70’s. This cd shows a band who truly do not give a fuck about acceptance or labels, but just wants to create their brand of music and if it is acceptable, so be it, if not, also so be it. This cd is so diverse and I am not sure if people would label these 9 pieces as songs, while they seem to have some sort of dissonant catchiness and the songs like XO are just so odd that the listener will be there just engulfed in the girls and what they create, while trying to figure out what it all means. This is true indie rock if there was ever indie rock.

The best way to sum this cd up is that this is a visceral noise orgasm that you will be sucked into with the beauty of the vocals that feel like everything from Karen O, Lydia Lunch to the Cocteau Twins. This Brooklyn duo knows the rules of music, and they lost the book and created a cd that I think redefines art rock and also alternative, but also staying true to their sound and the debut record. Most bands progress cd to cd, or grow up and change, I am so glad this band stayed the same and gave us more of what we love their debut record for. I will be honest, The New Pornographers, Apples in Stereo and Talk Normal deserve to be so much bigger than they are. This is another band that has a cd that I am truly in love with music again once I started to listen to it. In the ocean of mediocrity in music and bands, I am glad that bands like Talk Normal exist. What a fucking great cd.

8.5 out of 10