Music Review-Stratovarius-Under Flaming Winter Skies

01. Under Flaming Skies
02. I Walk To My Own Song
03. Speed Of Light
04. Kiss Of Judas
05. Deep Unknown
06. Guitar Solo
07. Eagleheart
08. Paradise
09. Visions
10. Bass Solo
11. Coming Home

01. Legions Of The Twilight
02. Darkest Hours
03. Burn
04. Behind Blue Eyes
05. Winter Skies
06. Keyboard Solo
07. Black Diamond
08. Father Time
09. Hunting High And Low

Review-This cd seems more of a dedication to Jorg Michael who last year retired from the band, and what an incredible send off this record comes across as. Now, I am the first to sit here and admit I am not a huge fan of live records because I just would rather be at the show or watch a dvd or blu ray. Now that being said, this was an incredible live performance that may have me second guess this stand I have. This was Michael’s last show that happened in Tampere, Finland with a crowd that seems very excited and vocal throughout. As fans know this band has been kicking and biting around for almost 17 years and have released 6 very good records in my opinion. And to see them give this kind of farewell was both a class act and is so rare in the music world these days. Where most live records these days are used as fast cash for a band that has not been making money or way to finish a contract, and go label shopping, this cd comes across as very passionate and sincere. The one thing you can say about listening to this live show is that this band has their heart all over their sleeves and gives so much heartfelt emotions, that the live renditions may be better than the studio versions.

This double live cd really delivers, and Jens on the keyboards is fucking insane. Timo and his vocals on this cd really kills it live and delivers like his life depended on it. It is really sad that he is often forgotten when you talk about metal as is Stratovarius,and this cd really shows that maybe people should be talking more about this band and the legacy they have and the vocal chops the man clearly possesses. The shock to me was that this band starts off with some mid tempo rockers, and then by Speed of Light they hit the gas petal and just go ripping and tearing into it. While the slower songs come across as captivating, the emotion behind these songs was just amazing. I was just blown away by how raw this live cd comes across with no mistakes or bad notes; this was a flawless performance that really came across perfectly. All in all, this is a must buy for the die hards and there is also a live concert video of the show which I am very interested in watching. This was an amazing tribute to an amazing drummer. This was a great record for the fans.

8 out of 10