Music Review-Sabbath Assembly-Ye Are Gods

Track Listing:
1.Let Us All Give Praise And Validation
2.We Come From The One
3.Bless Our Lord And Master
4.We Give Our Lives
6.Christ, You Begin The End
7.And The Clarion Calls
8.In The Time Of Abaddon II
10.The Love Of The Gods

Review-The new album from Sabbath Assembly marks the debut of Jamie Myers who replaces singer Jex Troth. To read the liner notes on the cd this is the music to celebrate the end of separation and the beginning of unity. This music is the teachings of the process church of the final judgment. That being said, this cd is a unique exploration into music spirituality that people are either going to embrace and love right away, or completely dismiss this and shut it off. This is that cd, that you are either going to love it for its beauty or hate it for its dark view into gospel. First and foremost, I was a lover of this cd, it is so dark and beautiful and so haunting. Myers has this haunting beauty in her vocal delivery, that she will draw you in immediately like a moth to a flame. This could be called a Goth Portishead with Karen Carpenter singing. This cd comes across as almost an adaptation, an operatic sermon. You have readings from Timothy Wyllie who is an original process church member. This cd is gentle, soothing, and feels like 60’s psychedelic that tries to find unity in Jehovah, Satan and Christ.

This hybrid of folk, goth and psychedelic is night and day from Restored to One their debut, this cd is more acoustic and the vocals are more hauntingly beautiful. Myers has an incredible vocal range and it is tested thru this cd, and she really sends us into an ethereal orgasm, especially a song that may be taken the wrong way called Exit, which almost comes across like a pro-suicide song, that keeps on harping on that life is what we make it. This cd does not go in and out of songs like most other cds, this cd just flows and it seems that each song is a continuation of the one before it. From the scripture reading to the church choir of the opening track, you know this cd is going to really offer you something different. The Love of the Gods is a song that gives us the love of both Christ and Satan, and it sounds like something you would expect from your grandparents albums from their youth. And, for me it worked, this cd for the songwriting alone will keep your interest. This cd could be called the new age soundtrack to our apocalypse. This cd is really not caring where your beliefs are, and they seem to be open to any religion or god.

This cd puzzled me and at the same time, I could not stop listening to it and the music just stuck in my head long after I hit stop and started this review. I am a believer, and I love this cd. This cd is in some ways is some of the most fucked up upbeat songs I ever heard. This cd in a dark room in headphones is the best way to experience the beauty of this band. And trust me; this band is beautiful and very different. Bands that are this creative and unique are limited, this is a band and a cd that has to be heard. A sing-a-long of a song about an exit from despair and confusion, this is a one of a kind cd.

9 out of 10