Music Review-Pig Destroyer-Book Burner

Track Listing

‘The American’s Head’
‘The Underground Man’
‘The Diplomat’
‘All Seeing Eye’
‘Valley of the Geysers’
‘Book Burner’
‘Baltimore Strangler’
‘White Lady’
‘The Bug’
‘Iron Drunk’
‘Burning Palm’
‘Dirty Knife’
‘Kamikaze Heart’
‘King of Clubs’
‘Permanent Funeral’


Jr Hayes- Vocals
Scott Hull- Guitars
Adam Fucking Jarvis- Drums
Blake Harrison- Pan Flute

Coming from Relapse Records October 22nd

Review-Pig Destroyer are one of those bands you have to be in the mood to hear, their music is just one long attack both violent and sonic. This is not a band that is known for melodies or catchiness, this is a band that has this attack that feels like pure hate. This is pure adrenaline, jump in the pit and mosh and swing around like you are an out of control maniac type of music. Scott Hull who used to play in Anal Cunt and Agoraphobic Nosebleed, plays this guitar that just comes across as a hate filled riff monster that wants to just tear apart and destroy anything its path. This cd is intense, just pure and plain insane. Hayes on vocals is just as aggressive as the rest of the band, and his screams sound like he has turned the aggression up. This cd blends elements of grindcore, death metal, old school thrash and almost a hardcore punk feel. The average song on here goes for around 3 minutes, and each song the band crams so much into. This cd wants to beat the listener into pure submission, and throws in elements of surprise you may not expect this time out, for example the breakdowns in some of the songs.

The rest of the band really play their hearts out and put in great performances as well. Drummer Adam Jarvis is fucking mental on drums, his style is precise and he comes across as a machine. As much as I get into Pig Destroyer, all their cds have the same negative and it is that after a while the music comes across as repetitive. When most of the songs end and the next ones begin, there is really nothing to remember the last one by, because the one after it shares so much with it, that you do not feel the need to go back and listen again. While Pig Destroyer is not like a lot of other bands, for them that may not be a good thing, I wish this band would get some depth to them and try to make the songs stand out more, and not become just noise. Again, this is a good record but I wanted it to be so much more. I wish this cd had some variety and really tried to not be so repetitive. I bet live this record will come across amazing, but as far as what I just listened, it was ok to recommend to a diehard fan, but may not convert new fans.

7 out of 10