Music Review-Neurosis-Honor Found In Decay


Scott Kelly – Vocals/Guitars
Steve Von Till – Vocals/Guitars
Dave Edwardson – Bass
Jason Roeder – Drums
Noah Landis – Keyboards
Josh Graham – Visual Effects, Art

01. We All Rage In Gold
02. At The Well
03. My Heart For Deliverance
04. Bleeding The Pigs
05. Casting Of The Ages
06. All Is Found… In Time
07. Raise The Dawn

Review-One thing is for sure a Neurosis release is always met with anticipation, and this cd is no different. Talk about a cd that I was stoked about for quite a while, and this cd took me on a journey that really killed all concept of time and thinking and just allowed me to emotionally drown in this epic cd. The 10th cd from Neurosis is 7 songs and a little over an hour of just what us longtime fans come to love and respect from this band. If you are new to Neurosis, patience is a virtue, this is a band that you have to listen to over and over to fully grasp and understand their true beauty. This cd is a patient soundscape of grooves and rhythms, the vocals seem like a melodic explosion that sooth you at times and at others come across as a dark and eerie warning.

One thing is for sure there are no short songs or repetition here, I am not really sure if I could call these songs, I know the band this time is referring to them as emotions, but I would rather think of them as steps. Each step brings you closer to a place that is both dark, intense but yet very inviting. Like all of the previous stuff they have done, this is not the band who never believe in making things easy for the listener, their music puts you in a mood, where you endure what they give you and are trying to figure it all out, while being lost in this melodic structure that is quite fluid and at times almost elegant in a very subconscious way. I know the fans will stand up and yell, that this is the cd we been expecting from them for over a decade, and this may be the cd that can introduce a new fan base of music fans to them and their style, I am on board with that as well. Bleeding the Pigs is perhaps the best Neurosis song in a very long time. This cd is honest, amazing and very much a cd that I feel shows me that metal is not so dead like people are claiming. 2012, I know a lot of people will disagree but this has been a stellar year for metal and music in general.

8.5 out of 10