Music Review-Metallica-Load

Metallica Load really? Let me explain this review first, I remember when me and my friends went to the midnight sale to buy this cd on first night. My friend opened his copy first, before any of us could and we decided to play his cd. I am looking at the sleeve, and the haircuts did not matter to me, then the first three songs played and we all decided right then and there that we would never listen to this cd again. My other friends went in to get a refund, but I kept mine. 5 nights ago, I finally opened it and listened to it all the way thru. Enjoy my review.

I hate when bands listen to the fans, when anyone lets their fan-bases have a voice is when a band lose their edge and direction. I will be honest, the black album threw me off I did not see that coming. But, when I re-listen to Justice, I should have seen it coming. They were on award shows and making videos, all these things they swore off they were now caving into. Then came the fans input, they wanted shorter songs, they wanted pop songs, they wanted singing and melodies, they wanted catchiness. When I listen to Load, I see a band who is a slave to change, that they feel these cds do by re-inventing them. No offense, but to open a cd cover and seeing Lars and Kirk kissing does not re-invent anything, and really comes across as desperate marketing. Metallica was once our band, the true underground leaders in a scene that had no mercy and created such powerful music that sadly has become a bunch of bands trying to cave into the mainstream. Everything about this cd just reeks of a band flaunting their wealth and popularity and thinks it can get away with this mediocre shit.

I really like The Cure, I know true Metallica fans will tell me that the song is shit but compared to everything else on this cd this is a good enough song to recommend. My first time ever to hear Until it Sleeps all the way thru, it is pretty cheesy but has a catchy enough chorus and addictive lyrics that I was somewhat into it. Again, this is not my Metallica but since this is what the fans wanted and I am a fan, I have to eat this shit pie. If they asked me in 1989 what I like and dislike about the band, my first answer would be heavier guitar crunch and less melody. I did not mind the 9 minute songs, I just hated the ballads. I would have wanted them to stay underground, but we all know they would have gone broke eventually and another band would have sold out instead. When I listen to this cd or the black album it feels like redneck radio. This is not metal or nowhere near hard rock. The opening track Ain’t My Bitch I guess is that song that is supposed to show us Metallica can still rock, but it is awful.

Looking at the picture inside this cd is just an insult to true fans, and who cares that they have emo haircuts or Lars looks like a bloated Phil Collins, the point that they forget who they were in favor of who they turned out to be. When AFI have heavier riffs than Metallica in their music is when you know there is something wrong in music. This cd is just awful and I should never have opened it and just let it sit there beside Reload which I bought on first day as well, and never opened or cared to even know what was on it. I knew that I would eventually open them, but as bad as Load is I have no interest in opening Reload or even listening to what St Anger and whatever else they did. I won’t say this cd let me down, as bad as the Black Album is, I figured the selling out was going to continue. I guess the grass may be greener on the other side, but lord is your soul still yours when you walk on that greener grass?

2 out of 10