Music Review-Magnum-On the 13th Day

01. All The Dreamers
02. Blood Red Laughter
03. Didn’t Like You Anyway
04. On The 13th Day
05. So Let It Rain
06. Dance Of The Black Tattoo
07. Shadow Town
08. Putting Things In Place
09. Broken Promises
10. See How They Fall
11. From Within


Tony Clarkin – guitars
Bob Catley – vocals
Mark Stanway – keyboards
Al Barrow – bass
Harry James – drums

Review-This is the 16th release from a band whose career spans over 40 years. This release seems like the sequel to last year’s The Visitation. In the land of Magnum the 80’s are still alive and well, while some of the guitar work and vocals on this cd does sound very dated, this was still a fun listen. From the get-go Blood Red Laughter will be the favorite of all the Magnum fans, this is classic Magnum and with the elaborate guitar riffs and the melody and catchy chorus, this reminded me of Emerson, Lake and Palmer meeting Perfect Strangers era Deep Purple. Magnum is one of those bands that always stay close to the familiar formula that made them who they are, and while the feeling at times is redundant it still made me feel nostalgic and wanting to keep listening. While the material on this cd is both good and at times a miss, to me the good were 2 to 1 on the negative. Catley reminds me of Robin Zander of Cheap Trick, he has those distinctive vocals that never fail to deliver and still hits the high notes.

Old school fans can relate to songs like So Let it Rain, and Didn’t Like You Anyway, this is the formula that has kept this band still relevant 40 plus years later. The pop choruses and the crunchy hooks are proof that maybe the new tricks of an old dog are not as impressive as the old ones. This cd feels like a chapter closing, where the last cd opened the door for this cd, this cd feels like the book closing and the band maybe trying to give fans a love letter of old school, and some of the heavier music they have put out since their 2001 reunion. This is nowhere near the best cd they ever released, but to me it is their most important, it is a poke to the new kids on the block that the veteran bands are not so ready to lie down and die and give them the scene. At times the music seems much run of the mill, but a band that has been around for so long and put out so much music, can get away with that. For Tony and Bob who have kept this band afloat for all the time, the rest of the band was probably born when they released their first record. So the core of the band to still be around all these years later still doing this with passion and fun, they deserve all the credit in the world.

7 out of 10