Music Review-Liv Kristine-Libertine

1. Interlude
2. Solve Me
3. Silence
4. Vanilla Skin Delight
5. Panic
6. Paris Paris
7. Wait for Rain
8. Love Crime
9. Libertine
10. Meet Me in the Red Sky
11. The Man with the Child in His Eyes (Kate Bush cover)

Review-Liv Kristine has had a career so far that is quite impressive. Among her accomplishments, she was the best vocalist in Theatre of Tragedy, helped out Cradle of Filth on Nymphetamine and if that is not enough she is the vocalist for Leaves’ Eyes and a solo artist. Now, put all that to the side because Liv’s new solo record is by far the best thing she has done to date. As much as I loved Enter my Religion, this is an incredible record. The first thing that drew my attention is the Kate Bush cover of The Man with the Child in his eyes. As much as I thought Within Temptation doing Running up that Hill being the best Kate Bush cover song, it does not hold a candle to what Liv does. She actually improved on the original, which for me speaks volume because I am a huge Kate fan. As great as that song is, Vanilla Skin Delight was the only song that I did not like on this cd. With the male and female dual vocals did not work for me, it felt so out of place. It was not so much what Liv was offering it was the male Tobias Regner (who was the winner of a show overseas like American pop idol or something) and what he was offering, he is not made for this kind of music and it showed.

Songs like Solve me with its pop hooks and upbeat rhythm, and a bouncing track like Paris, Paris and the harder edge to Libertine show that Liv has diversity to her style. Songs like Panic and Wait for Rain really showcase the beauty to Liv’s voice and show that she is more than a pretty face. Where most women in music these days have to scream to get their message out or point across, Liv uses a soothing voice to really send the listener into an ethereal world. While you would think at this point in her career and bouncing back from Leaves to solo that she would be exhausted, but this record clearly shows that Liv is focused and really putting out her best music to date. God that Kate Bush cover is worth the price of this cd alone, I have listened to this cd three times before reviewing it and I think this is such a major step after such a great cd like Enter my Religion. I hope that Liv takes this passion to the studio for the next Leaves’ Eyes cd. I really like this cd a lot.

8.5 out of 10