Music Review-Illdisposed-Sense the Darkness


01. Sense The Darkness – 5:08
02. Eyes Popping Out – 4:04
03. Time To Dominate – 4:27
04. Never Compromise – 3:52
05. Stop Running – 4:01
06. I Am Possessed – 3:37
07. Too Blind To See – 4:05
08. The Poison – 4:02
09. Another Kingdom Dead – 3:49
10. She‘s Undressed – 4:20
11. We Do This Alone – 4:12
12. War – 4:14
13. Desire – 4:08


Bo Summer – Subwoofer/ Vocals
Jakob Batten – Guitar
Ken Holst – Guitar
Jonas Kloge – Bass
Thomas Jensen – Drums

Review-Illdisposed is a death metal band that has been around the scene for 13 records and hails from Denmark. That being said, this is my first taste of their style of metal and from the get go the results are very bad. On the surface they have the death metal grunts and riffs down pat that border from death metal to just thrash circa 1990, but this is so melodic and almost too commercial for my liking. Sense the Darkness the opening title track is not what I would have expected from a death metal band with their background, I would have expected them to come out of the gates swinging and crushing. They open with a melodic slow start that builds into almost a progressive catchy like anthem. Which leads to Eyes Popping Out and this song comes across almost like something you would expect from Chris Barnes if he wanted to get his fans to hate him more. The lyrics on this cd seem very well thought out and range from a DIY spirit to social commentary about things around us. This cd for the most part comes across as melodic while they do venture off at times for faster progression and a heavy feel, but at times it sounds like the vocals are an afterthought with the drumming on some of the tracks.

I will admit, I like some death metal and some I can do without. This band is one of the ones I can do without. There is nothing on this cd that really screams to me, to want to give it repeat listens. And I do not understand why this cd is so generic in terms of each song sounded like something I heard before and each style on this cd so predictable and uninspired. You would expect this from a debut album not a band so far into their career now. This cd as a whole, made me lose interest in each song and again I am a fan of death metal and also melodic and progressive metal as well. So, it is not the genre that turns me off on liking this band it is the cd itself. This cd does not make me want to go seek out their previous cds, I will assume what I am missing out on was all over this cd.

1 out of 10

  • Rebekah Herzberg

    Andy, I love Barry Manilow. Sounds like you should listen to it more often and chill.

  • JamesD

    I am passionate about what I say and do. You can always tell a paid fan over a true fan easily; a paid fan can write a review and tell you all this stuff that was good and bad about it. And right above the review will be a pop up and ads galore. A true fan let’s their emotions and feelings out in what they think, and sometimes people do go overboard and seem to hate more than they like. I want to think people look to me as a voice that they confide in when they are in doubt about what they should invest money in. I have seen the bibles to the fans Metal Hammer, Kerrang and even Decibel just completely rip apart one cd and then the next cd they just go so overboard with the love and praise and you turn to the next page and there are full page ads for the cd on sale, and you add two plus two together. We are a site of fans who write about this stuff for you, we are not bought, or even bartered with for our opinion. We give you what we truly think, and sometimes what we think may not be popular and I am always down to give all of you a voice whether I agree or disagree with what comes from that voice because I respect you guys, and want you to speak out. Without people like you and the others, I would not want to do this. So thank you again for the feedback.

  • MetAlhead

    Yeah. Was no offense to you. Im not hating either. Tastes are different and thats great. its your right to not like it.
    But at some point you have to question yourself when all reviews of good magazines and underground sites are nearly without exception very good that your review is not that objective.

  • JamesD

    First off, thank you both for reading and appreciate the comments. I let my passion get the best of me at times, and I gave this band and cd 3 listens before writing one word. I thought that at first I was too harsh, but if a band is asking you guys to give them 15.00 or more for a cd that they are proud of, I would expect more from it. If I liked this cd and gave it a glowing review, you both would have been the first to tell me I do not know what I am talking about that the cd sucks. I am no hater, nor do I get into anything to hate it. I know that this is a band and this cd means so much to them, and I am sorry that I was not a fan of it, but I think if it was Barry Manilow I would have been more positive Barry is generic pop music and that is what he puts out. Not like a band who claims they are this and that, and does not deliver either.

  • Metalhead

    Well. I do not mind that you do not like Illdisposed, really.
    But damn dude, as a reviewer you have to judge something obectively. If you do not like something it does not mean that it is bad because of that.
    If you’ve never tought of that you should not write reviews. Really.

  • Andy

    Man, you’re a joker! Illdisposed Rock and so does this album.

    Go home and put some Barry Manilow on……