Music Review-Hotel Diablo-The Return To Psycho, California

Track List:
01. Taken
02. All These Years
03. What You Do To Me
04. Psycho, California
05. Bury You
06. Set It Off
07. Wicked Lines
08. Wonderwall
09. Trigger
10. What You Do To Me (Alt)
11. Bury You (Alt)

Rick Stitch – vocals
Alex Grossi – guitar
Mike Duda – bass
Mike Dupke – drums

Review-This cd caught my interest just from the elements that are involved in it. You have Gilby Clark producing it, and the band consists of Alex Grossi who played with Joe Leste (Bang Tango) in Beautiful Creatures, Quiet Riot and also touring for Bang Tango as well. You have vocalist Rick Stitch who played with Grossi in another band called Adler’s Appetite. And the rhythm section who toured with W.A.S.P. So when you look at this line up it seems like a small time supergroup of players who have been great filling the spots for members. I will not count Adler’s Appetite as a band that let Grossi and Rick have a voice or word in the direction or sound, you have to think Adler had a large amount of input. So this is the first time to see what 4 people who never really had input or voices to finally get them. The results of this cd are mixed. Psycho, California is that song that may get fans excited, it has 80’s rock written all over it. It has the adrenaline and catchy chorus that may get people to look their way, but the album as a whole is such a mixed bag and felt like a missed opportunity. I am one of the few people who wish that the 80’s hairband and pop rock would stay right in the 80’s and I almost roll my eyes to think that bands like Great White, Motley Crue, Warrant and etc. are still trying to keep it alive.

I like Set it Off somewhat and thinks it captures what this band can give fans live, but I am a huge Oasis fan and they try to do a cover of Wonderwall, and it is awful. I guess this is their statement that they are a band to be taken serious. This cd you can tell the Gilby influence of guitars being the main star, and it is sad because the vocals all seem to take a backseat to the fret work that sounds like Brother Cane meets Creed inspired. This cd has some guitar solos that sound as uninspired as most of the songs on this debut record. I was just expecting so much more because I wanted to see these guys break out the shadows and just show people that they exist, instead they broke out of the shadows only to follow the leaders. All in all, there are a few songs here and there that were catchy enough that would keep people interested. If you plan on going to see the Great White tour this year, or go to your local fairgrounds to see the has been bands of yesterday, you may like this cd. I will go on record, the debut album by Beautiful Creatures is the one cd that gave me hope that yesterday’s music was going to try and grow up and become a new hybrid of energy and talent, this band shows me that some people want to recreate history instead of trying to rewrite it.
3.5 out of 10