Music Review-Hollywood Burnouts-Excess All Areas

Review-I was a teenager when glam metal had its big run. MTV was the hero to all these bands, because the video channel was all geared towards what they were selling. When Guns and Roses hit the scene, was like Jaws hitting the beach, they just took all this fluff music and put it down. Somehow or another, some bands discovered unplugged and to write more power ballads with the ridiculous video that paints this picture that there is some depth to them. Well, then Nirvana came out and they were completely destroyed. The scene was erased, but somehow the glam bands wanted to cash in on the new scene and try to get more serious. The records were more rock based and their look was angrier than pretty boy. Then, in the late 90’s people wanted to stop crying in their combat boots and gave glam another chance, and the bands like Poison and Crue, hit that road long and hard like the scene would leave again. Then, came a band called Steel Panther, ( formerly named Metal Skool) who just parodied the scene and made glam a joke. So, here comes a new band on the scene from Germany called Hollywood Burnouts, who are 3 guys and one woman who are a cross between what Steel Panther was mocking and what the scene was once.

The one thing you can say while listening to this cd that this band did their homework, they know the formula very well. The upbeat grooves, the band choruses and the old school guitar solo. This cd starts off by telling us they are the new generation and they demand this and that, and want to fight. This cd has that anthem that the old school fans of glam will get into like Hands of Rock, that I will admit I was fairly into. It sounds like what the Bulletboys gave us with Ten Cent Billionaire, which while it was not good or bad, it was passable and I listened to it just to make sure Marq was still alive and well. This band sounds so safe and processed, that I found myself counting all the bands they ripped off, and just knowing what each song was going to offer and wondering just how long till this cd would end. Do we really need more new school hair metal bands to imitate a scene that most of us remember so much and wanted to watch it end? The Angus inspired guitar work that is here and there was ok to a point, I just know that this band and this current formula would be a funny side show than a band I could ever take serious.

This band shows a lot of talent in trying to imitate their heroes, but I wish this band would have tried to make their own identity and not come across as some second rate poor man’s bar band or tribute band. All in all, this cd as fast as I listened to it, I will forget it.

2.5 out of 10